Little Apple on the Prairie

The “Little Apple on the Prairie” flag design won Manhattan’s city flag contest. The Manhattan City Commission adopted the flag Tuesday.

The Little Apple is getting an update with a new city flag.

City commissioners on Tuesday voted 4-1 to approve “The Little Apple on the Prairie” flag, designed by Kimberly Medvid, a Pennsylvania designer.

The flag is blue and green, featuring a white apple and prairie design.

“The participation of artists who submitted the 120 designs, and then the 3,000-plus people who voted, are positive indications that the community was engaged in the process,” said Vivienne Uccello, city public information officer.

Commissioners Usha Reddi and Jerred McKee praised the people who submitted flag designs; however, McKee said he did not want a flag with an apple on it.

“My favorite design didn’t win,” he said. “I honestly, and frankly, didn’t want a design with an apple in it. But nonetheless, that is what the people chose. That’s something that people can take pride in.”

Commissioner Wynn Butler said he thought the voting process was flawed because the current flag was not on the ballot for voters to select. He was the only commissioner who voted against adopting the flag.

“So I don’t know how many people would have voted to keep the current one,” he said. “So that was my only complaint on the process.”

“The Little Apple on the Prairie” design received a total of 877 votes. The “Sunflower” design trailed closely with 859 votes. A total of 3,021 people casted their votes during the contest, which ended in July.

Uccello recognized there has been some grumblings on social media about the flag.

“The results of the vote also indicate that the public had mixed feelings about the designs. It was a close race,” she said.

Uccello said Medvid learned about the contest from a friend who lives in Manhattan. Medvid submitted three designs, Uccello said, after researching information about the city.

The flag is displayed in front of places across the town including Manhattan City Hall and City Park.

The current logo and branding on city vehicles remains the same, Uccello said. The current logo is an outline of a red apple, similar to the current city flag. In the future, people can purchase items and produce items with the new flag on it through a Creative Commons license, she said.