Manhattan city commissioners on Tuesday approved waiving fees for a senior housing establishment.

The Manhattan Area Housing Partnership, a local nonprofit housing organization, asked for the waiver of water and sewer connection fees, which are $28,368 each, as well as building permit fees for $34,685.28 in Lee Mill Village in southwest Manhattan along Wreath Avenue.

The housing is aimed to attract low-income residents 55 and older. There will be 18 units, mostly two-bedroom duplexes, with rents ranging from $450 to $650.

“We also want to approve affordable housing, and make sure we’re doing the right thing for the community,” said commissioner Usha Reddi. “But at the same time, nothing is ever free. Somebody else is picking up that same tab for it. So let’s have that conversation in January when we have (our goal setting) meeting.”

Commissioner Wynn Butler, who cast the lone vote against the measure, said he did not want to support waiving utility connection fees.

“I don’t think we should do that for just about any project,” Butler said.

Commissioner Jerred McKee said if he was a future commissioner, he wasn’t sure if he’d support this measure because he didn’t know if the city would have the revenue to cover waiving fees.

“I support it today, but if I was in a commission here in just a year or two from now, I think I know what the situation would be,” he said.

In addition, officials postponed discussions about the Douglass Recreation Center project until the Dec. 17 meeting.