Commissioners on Tuesday will review a master plan for a new park in Manhattan.

The Manhattan City Commission’s meeting Tuesday begins at 7 p.m. at City Hall. Only 29 people are allowed to attend because of the coronavirus pandemic. Officials will broadcast it on Cox Cable Channel 3, the Manhattan city government website and Facebook.

Park planner Alfonso Leyva and Eddie Estes, director of parks and recreation, are seeking feedback from commissioners about the master plan for a park near Miller Parkway and Kansas Highway 18.

The city will vote on naming the area as Stonehaven Park. The city government has worked on this project since 2017, when the city received a donation of 15 acres, which includes a pond. The city will call it Bayer Pond after the family who donated the land to the city.

The plan calls for a trail and amenities surrounding the pond.

Additionally, the city will consider approving the community development block grant annual action plan for 2021 following a public hearing.

The block grant program allows the city to access federal dollars based on “an annual formula allocation in order to provide grant projects that benefit low- and moderate-income persons, families and neighborhoods,” according to a city memo.

The city must prepare a “consolidated plan,” that includes documents such as a citizen participation plan and annual action plan.