The Manhattan City Commission on Tuesday will consider whether to make a section of 12th Street in Aggieville look more like a road or more like a pedestrian plaza.

The work session starts Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Olsson of Manhattan, the project contractor, will show the commission three design options improvements along 12th Street from Moro Street to Bluemont Avenue.

The designs are part of a master plan that calls for new streetscaping with more trees, lighting and planters.

Option A calls for removing the traditional curb and adding pedestrian pavers for streets and sidewalks so that officials could easily close the street for special events. (The road would typically be open to two-way traffic.)

This plan has an “inverted crown” design with a gutter down the middle of 12th Street (between Moro Street and the alley), with stormwater draining towards the middle of the road rather than to the curb.

This option is intended to “carry into the future full pedestrian area on 12th Street between Moro Street andLaramie Street,” according to a city memo.

Raised planters along 12th Street would still separate the sidewalk from the roadway.

Option B includes a standard curb design, in which the water would drain to the curb and eventually to an inlet. The pavement for the two-lane road would be concrete, with brick pavers for sidewalks.

Option C is the same as B but removes trees and adds shrubs, flowers and smaller greenery in planters in the district.

Officials noted that the standard curb and gutter design will exist between the alley and Bluemont Avenue, where the hotel will be, in all options.

Officials plan to use limestone in various benches and seating throughout the district.

All three options call for room for outdoor dining, small shade structures on the east side of the street (near Taco Lucha) and string lights on the west side of the street (next to Tanner’s).

City administrators are seeking feedback from the commissioners on which design plans they like the most. The commission will not take formal action during the work session.

Officials estimate 12th Street improvements costing $2 million of the total $16.5 million budget for improvements in the Aggieville district.

The remaining $14.5 million will be split. Officials estimate the new parking garage will cost $12.5 million and the remaining $2 million will go toward Laramie and 14th Street improvements.