The Manhattan City Commission on Tuesday will review the combined smoking and vaping ordinance again.

The legislative session begins at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

City manager Ron Fehr said the commission is reviewing the ordinance again to clarify details such as where people are permitted to smoke in public, like in unenclosed patios.

If the ordinance is approved, people can smoke in unenclosed patios if they are 20 feet away from a business entrance. The ordinance prohibits smoking within 20 feet of an entrance.

The ordinance also restricts vaping and smoking in all city parks, trails and vape shops. The commission previously approved the ordinance 4-1 on Nov. 5.

Commissioner Wynn Butler, who voted against the measure, said the ordinance discriminates those who vape or smoke.

In addition, the meeting will include a public hearing about removing a utility easement near the College Hill Early Learning Center.

USD 383 requested vacating the utility easement so officials can move forward with other plans in the spot.

The commission also will look at approving the Warner Memorial Park master plan. There are two options available from which the commission can choose, and both include improvements to park facilities. One option includes opening up Warner Park Road.

The commission previously nixed the idea of an expanded disc golf course at an Aug. 27 city commission meeting, removing it from the master plan.

Commissioners also will review information from the Manhattan Rental Housing Forum, which was hosted at Kansas State University last month, particularly about strengthening relationships between tenants and landlords, officials said.