Manhattan city commissioners on Tuesday will look at possibly implementing digital billboards in the Little Apple.

The work session begins at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall. Commissioners will provide feedback on the subject, and no formal vote will occur.

Digital billboards, which are currently prohibited in the city, are typically large signs with rotating advertising displays.

City administrators are seeking feedback from the commission about if digital billboards should be allowed; and if so, where the billboards can be installed in the city.

Additionally, city administrators want feedback about the size for these billboards. City officials said off-premise advertising signs cannot be larger than 260 square feet, according to current city code.

Off-premise advertising signs also cannot exceed 30 feet in height.

Commissioners will provide feedback if the billboards should follow these guidelines.

If the commission reaches consensus on implementing digital signs, city administrators will bring back a formal draft for commissioners to consider at a future meeting.

Also during the meeting, Kris Vehrs, executive director of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, is presenting Sunset Zoo and the city a national accreditation certificate.

In addition to these topics, the Manhattan Economic Development organization is presenting its 2018 report to the commission.

Highlights from the report include the creation of 1,611 jobs from companies with active economic development agreements, officials said. That is 10% more than the projected total, officials said.

The report also includes information about completed projects at Kansas State University and Manhattan Regional Airport.