A couple months after its opening, the Midwest Dream Car Collection is giving people a chance to show off their own classic cars and meet others who share their interest.

The museum’s monthly Cars and Coffee event, held the first Saturday of every month through October, turns into an informal car show and brings together car enthusiasts and the general public.

“Car guys are all alike,” Mike Pestinger said. “We enjoy the camaraderie. You can have a conversation with a lot of these guys and go to a car show next week and it’s the same.”

Pestinger said he has what he calls a “man hut” with about 15 cars in it. He drove a reproduction of a 1965 Shelby Cobra to the museum Saturday morning. He had purchased the car from a company in South Africa that ships complete cars to the U.S. He said he dreamed of owning an original, but some can cost $2 million.

“It was always my dream car, but it became apparent that wasn’t going to happen,” he said.

The originals were created by a man named Carroll Shelby, whom Pestinger said he viewed as a legend.

“I thought it was the most iconic looking car there is,” he said. “I just thought it was so cool.”

The car sits low to the ground, and Pestinger said it requires his full attention during a drive, especially at higher speeds.

Pestinger modifies some cars in his collection; his weakness is LED lights.

“I put them underneath and they glow when you drive them,” he said.

Jill Mason, executive director of the museum, said officials had started the event to give car enthusiasts in the area a chance to get together. She said the June event had almost 45 cars.

She said she enjoys seeing kids learning about the different types of cars and that the event goes hand in hand with what they are trying to do at the Midwest Dream Car Collection.

“It’s cool to have people bring their own cars and then go in and see other classic cars,” Mason said.