Call Hall’s dairy processing plant hasn’t made any ice cream for the past month or so, but please don’t make a run on the Call Hall depository, as it’s covered by the K-State FDIC (Frozen Deposits of Ice Cream).

The 60-year-old dairy plant’s aging ammonia-based ice cream freezing unit broke down about a month ago, said Jay Amamcharla, unit coordinator for the dairy plant, and plant managers used that as an opportunity to upgrade to a safer, freon-based freezing system.

The ice cream is made at Call Hall and sold in the building’s dairy bar and in the student union.

However, ice cream stockpiles for Call Hall’s Dairy Bar and location at the K-State Student Union are still high, Amamcharla said. The dairy plant typically holds between 200 and 250 three-gallon tubs of ice cream in inventory, and even with the plant shutdown, Amamcharla estimates there are more than 200 tubs left, although a few flavors have run out.

“We are not even close to running out of ice cream,” Amamcharla said. “Our main goal is to get this up and running again. We maybe don’t have all of the flavors, but the major flavors — purple pride, vanilla, chocolate — they’re still there.”

The dairy plant is in the process of installing and training staff on the freon freezing system, and ice cream production should resume in the next few weeks. With the “lean” season coming soon and campus quieting down as students leave for winter break, Amamcharla said the plant should be in good shape while production starts back up.

In the meantime, though, the plant isn’t selling its 3-gallon tubs, and it is rationing the half-gallon tubs it has on stock.

“Our main goal is, if a kid comes into Call Hall or the dairy bar in the Union, we don’t want them to go away empty-handed,” he said. “That is our top priority.”