A rendering of the Braum's building obtained from city documents.  

Braum’s still has Manhattan in its plans.

Braum’s public relations director Amanda Beuchaw told The Mercury on Tuesday afternoon that the ice cream and burger restaurant is still in the process of securing the lot in west Manhattan.

There is no set timeline for the construction or opening of the restaurant, according to Beuchaw.

“As far as I know, we’re still going to try,” she said on Tuesday.

Beuchaw did not comment on the Manhattan Board of Zoning Appeals’ disapproval of the restaurant’s signage request.

Last week, Braum’s requested that the city allow it to display 12 signs around the exterior building walls.

The city only allows one sign per wall in that district in Manhattan. City senior planner Barry Beagle said last week that a business has to show there is a “unique condition” warranting the request. He said the board felt the restaurant would still maintain adequate visibility and exposure with its proposed pylon sign.