A house near Riley is a complete loss after a fire Sunday.

Around 7:45 p.m. Sunday, Riley County Fire received a call about a garage fire about three miles west of Riley, at 14821 Madison Road, owned by Lynn Thomas.

Pat Collins, emergency management director, said 37 firefighters with 25 apparatus spent more than eight hours putting out the fire. He said it appears to be caused by an electrical short circuit on the deep freeze in the garage.

He said the fire was a worst case scenario for the crews.

Collins said the two groups got to the scene that evening and had it mostly contained around 2 a.m. However, when winds picked up around 3 a.m., the fire rekindled, which set the roof of the main structure ablaze. He said the crews were able to get the fire out around noon Monday.

In total, he estimated $250,000 in structure damage and around $100,000 in contents lost. He said some of the contents are salvageable.

Fire crews used 240,000 gallons of water. He said in addition to rural areas being a problem in fighting fires, the holiday meant there were less volunteers available.

“The problem with the rural areas is there’s no water, so we have to bring it in,” he said. “The other problem with this house is because the structures had multiple roofs, it was more difficult… The driveway was 1,000 feet long with no turnaround; it was really the worst-case scenario for providing protection.”

The residents of the house were out before fire crews arrived and were uninjured, but a female firefighter was taken to the hospital for and treated for smoke inhalation, treated and released early Monday morning.

Fort Riley Fire and Manhattan Fire Department assisted.