The Manhattan Fire Department was one of many agencies that responded to a call to remove hazardous and explosive materials in a home in Eskridge on Tuesday. Authorities were able to safely remove and destroy the items.

The Riley County Police Department’s bomb squad and hazardous materials response team destroyed explosive and hazardous materials in Eskridge Tuesday while helping the Wabaunsee County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies from the sheriff’s office responded to 210 Mulberry St. around 9 a.m. after a family reported there might be explosive materials inside the residence. Sheriff Rob Hoskins said the family was cleaning out the home of a deceased family member.

Hoskins said officials found several hazardous material items and different types of explosives, which he declined to identify, inside the home, and they were able to safely remove them all.

The items were taken and destroyed outside of the city, away from the public. Officials cleared the scene around 8:30 or 9 p.m.

Hoskins thanked Tim Widau for allowing officials to destroy the items on his property, and said he wasn’t worried about the teams that day because of their expertise.

“The people that were responding were professional and knew what they were doing,” Hoskins said. “That’s why we called them.”

The Manhattan Fire Department Response Team, Kansas Fire Marshal Office and Eskridge Fire Department also assisted during the incident.