Geary County Sheriff Tony Wolf, 44, will resign from office following a court hearing Friday.

Wolf was arrested by Kansas Bureau of Investigation agents on Oct. 18, 2018, for a felony theft charge for allegedly giving a county-owned firearm as a gift to a third party, and for misuse of public funds. He appeared in Geary County District Court Friday morning, withdrew his previously entered not guilty pleas, and entered pleas of no contest to the charges. The court then judged Wolf guilty.

Wolf acknowledged that he will be required to forfeit his position as sheriff. He will send a letter of resignation to the governor. Wolf waived his rights for an appeal, and prosecuting attorney Daryl Hawkins announced that the state will not file any additional charges.

During the hearing, Hawkins discussed some details of incidents that led to the investigation on Wolf. On July 16, 2018, Wolf unlawfully authorized the purchase of four tires, sensors and the cost of mounting the tires at Junction City’s J&R Automotive for $530, which was charged to a Geary County credit card, Hawkins said. The purchase was made for a friend, although Wolf claimed the expense was for a confidential drug informant in exchange for drug information. Hawkins referenced a text message Wolf sent his friend after the purchase.

“Wolf told his friend, ‘This is what friends do for each other,’” Hawkins said.

Wolf later told Jeffrey Stokes — a special agent with the KBI involved in Wolf’s investigation — that he had made the purchase for a friend, Hawkins said.

Wolf later paid the vendor, however, and the funds were reimbursed to the card, so no restitution was sought by the court on that purchase. The court did, however, order the restitution of $2,200 for items — including a scope — that were purchased at a local gun store with state funds.

Wolf is not expected to serve jail time, but is expected to be placed on probation. A hearing for his sentencing will be held on June 28 at 9:30 a.m.