Dear Dad,

Few people really understand or have understood what went into getting this program to a successful level. When you first told me you were going to take the head coaching job, I scratched my head in dismay. Not because I didn’t think that you would succeed, but more so because of the condition Kansas State football was in at the time. One thing I always knew is how invested you would be in the program from a long-term perspective.

I would be remiss not to mention that there have been so many people, to include the coaching and support staff, administration, the generous donors and of course, our loyal fans, that have played a huge role in assisting you with achieving “The Greatest Turnaround in College Football History.” You always pay tribute to how wonderful the people at Kansas State are and you are right. You have poured your life into this program for all of us and for the players that have come through the program. As a former player, I echo what so many other former players say: “Thank you for the life lessons and developing me into the man I am today.”

From a son who used to run around your office, to getting lost in the team hotel at bowl games, to playing for you, to working for you as the director of football operations, and then on to full-time coaching, I apply and practice many of the Wildcats’ 16 Goals For Success in my everyday life. Never give up, commitment, leadership, along with perseverance, work ethic, LOYALTY, passion, being caring and respectful, and the list goes on. There is not a day that goes by that I have regretted my path, and I would not have done it any other way. Thank you, Dad, for giving me the opportunities and the guidance that you have.

Kansas State is and always will be about the wonderful people who work here and support the university and athletics. Dad, you have led the way for us all. I will miss you as our head coach but welcome our time now for you just being my dad. You deserve so much for all you have done for so many. Enjoy your retirement.

I love you,


Sean Snyder has worked in K-State’s football program every year since 1994.

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