Team vs Talent Draft Basketball

In this file photo, Michael Jordan celebrates the Bulls' win over the Trail Blazers in the NBA Finals in Chicago on June 14, 1992. Kansas State guard DaJuan Gordon, a Chicago native, said he is enjoying "The Last Dance," a documentary focusing on Bulls' 13-year tenure with the Bulls, highlighted by six championships in the 1990s.

DaJuan Gordon missed out on Michael Jordan’s glory years with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s. Born in Chicago on Jan. 10, 2001, Gordon wasn’t alive to see the six championships Jordan brought his hometown in the previous decade. He’s getting a taste of it now, however, with “The Last Dance” documentary series giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at Jordan’s 13 years with the Bulls.

“I wish I was alive to see it. It’s crazy,” Gordon, a rising sophomore guard on Kansas State’s men’s basketball team, said during a Zoom teleconference Tuesday. “You get to see Michael Jordan, you get to see how big of an icon he was, who he was, things like that. You can’t get enough of him. You can watch him all day.”

For Gordon, the documentary — six of the 10 episodes have been released, which will conclude with the final two parts May 17 — has been a learning experience.

“It was a big thing for me to get to see him, because I never really got to see exactly who he was, the type of person he was, the type of teammate he was,” he said. “I had just heard about it. (Now) I get to see how he dealt with things and his view of life and basketball, and the adversity he went through.”

The first thing that came to Gordon’s mind about Jordan’s career isn’t one His Airness remembers fondly, though.

“My personal experience is seeing a video of him getting crossed by (Allen) Iverson. That was a big one,” said Gordon, adding that he could tell via Jordan’s highlights that he was “a really smooth guy.”

The best ever, in Gordon’s estimation.

“Yeah, he is the GOAT,” said Gordon, referring to the “greatest of all time” acronym. “Yes, sir.”

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