Kansas State freshman defensive back had a passionate response to a controversial tweet by a university student last week, writing that he refused "to play for a program that tolerates ignorance such as this." Denson is doing better after having a chat with senior defensive back Jonathan Alexander.

It took a call with a teammate to do it, but Kansas State freshman defensive back Tee Denson is in a better place mentally than he was last week.

That’s according to the teammate who spoke with him: senior Jonathan Alexander.

“I actually did get to talk to Tee (Saturday) morning,” Alexander told The Mercury in a phone interview Saturday night. “I got to calm him down.”

Denson, an early enrollee from Atlanta, had one of the most passionate responses to a tweet sent out by Jaden McNeil, a K-State student.

“Congratulations to George Floyd on being drug free for an entire month!” McNeil wrote in the tweet Thursday, which has since been deleted.

Denson was furious at the callous words.

“I refuse to play for a program that tolerates ignorance such as this,” Denson wrote Friday, referring to McNeil’s tweet and tagging the university’s Twitter account. It’s a sentiment that was shared by other players on the Wildcats, most notably Joshua Youngblood. The difference: Youngblood deleted his tweet; Denson’s remains up.

And since Denson sent out his tweet, numerous developments have occurred. Two letters with similar language went out Friday night, listing demands from K-State student-athletes.

The first: “A policy against racism that will expel any student that openly displays racism on all platforms, such as social media, (at) school, (in) Aggieville and sporting events.”

The second: “We also need to see student Jaden McNeil receive strong consequences of his insensitive actions.”

Before Saturday’s letter went out, Alexander shared words of advice with Denson.

“I told him, ‘It’s bigger than this. What you see is what it is. You’re not in high school anymore,’” Alexander said.

“And I told him, ‘This will pass over. This is bigger than what you see.’ So I got a chance to sit down and calm him down.”

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