A quick glance at Kansas State football’s preseason media schedule show how much times have changed.

The Wildcats are giving reporters eight days of availabilty. That includes two open practices consisting of approximately 30 minutes of viewing time, holding the first session Monday. K-State then will hold its annual media day — a day when every player and coach on staff are availability for interviews — Friday afternoon.

It contrasts sharply with the policy of former head coach Bill Snyder. During the preseason last fall, the Wildcats had their media day — and that was it. No other interviews were held with the team before the week of the opener against South Dakota arrived. First-year head coach Chris Klieman said he simply is doing his job.

“When Kenny (Lannou) tells me there’s a media obligation, then we run the media obligation,” Klieman said, referring to the head of K-State’s communications department. “He’s in charge of the thing right now.”

Klieman said he there are too many other things for him to worry about, anyway.

“I’m kind of oblivious to a lot of it,” he said. “I know that’s probably bad to say, but I’m just focusing in on what we need to do every day to try to get the team better. And if meeting with you guys and stuff helps you, it’s what I’ve done in the past. And I’m comfortable with that.”

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