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Les Miles (left) is introduced as Kansas football coach by athletics director Jeff Long (right) during a news conference in Lawrence last November.

Q: I saw a tweet after the KU game from a person who works for Rivals.com. He said this: “Funny story: KU athletic director Jeff Long called K-State athletic director Gene Taylor on Thursday, asking about the location of the Governor’s Cup Trophy because they were planning their victory celebration for after the game on the field. Oops.”

Is that true?

A: No.

Think about it. Why on earth would the KU athletic director do that? Why would he provide bulletin-board material to his rival? Do you think a person capable and experienced enough to run a Power 5 conference athletic department would make that sort of rookie goof?

OK, OK, so maybe Les Miles did exactly that with the whole “Who is K-State?” rant, but we’re talking about Miles’ boss, and we’re talking about a premeditated phone call, not some sort of locker room heat-of-the-moment blather.

What happened, according to Taylor, is that some KU athletics staffers called K-State athletics staffers during the week to work out some of the logistics about the handling of the traveling trophy. Long asked his staff to find out if the two teams wanted to agree to displaying the Governor’s Cup on the field. The cup is awarded to the team that wins the annual K-State-KU football game.

“We said we keep the trophy in our locker room and we would bring it to the game and keep it in our locker room,” Taylor told The Mercury. “If we won we would do the presentation from the Governor in our locker room and if they were to win we would get them the trophy and they could do the presentation however they wanted with the Governor.”

As you know, K-State pounded KU, 38-10. The trophy? Back in Manhattan now.

We don’t know who the source of the information was for the reporter from Rivals.com, since he didn’t cite a source. That’s another tipoff to be a little skeptical.

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