As she created a colorful frog on Saturday morning on the sidewalk in City Park, people marveled at Tessa Anderson’s drawing.

“There’s a lot of people who are are kind of regulars,” she said. “Regular, old folks who will walk by and they know me and I get to say hi and stuff.”

With pieces of large chalk, she colored the inside of the frog with rainbow colors.

“This might be one of the top things I’ve ever created, honestly,” she said. “I don’t know, it’s really cute. I’m loving it.”

People may find Anderson, 20, making chalk art on the 14th Street pathway near Humboldt Street in City Park, especially when the weather is nice. She draws anything from bubbles to word art to dinosaurs on wheels.

“It’s exciting when I won’t color for awhile and then I’ll come back, and people will be like, ‘I thought you were done and I’m so happy to see you again,’” Anderson said.

Originally from Olathe, Anderson is a third-year student at Kansas State University studying English education; she wants to be a teacher someday. She lives near City Park, which gives her direct access for regular drawing. She said she enjoys chalk more rather than any other medium.

“I just really like doing it,” she said. “I just really enjoy it. It’s pretty. It’s something to do with your hands. It just also makes you feel accomplished. Because it’s art, you do whatever you want. I don’t really do it for any other reason other than that I like it.”

Anderson specifically likes chalk art because she can maximize her space.

“There’s something about it being temporary that’s really cute to me because it will wash away sometimes,” she said.

She started drawing in City Park at her favorite location last July. Friends describe Anderson as a creative person.

“She’s just generally an artistic person and expresses herself very well in those kinds of ways,” said Emma Witter, Anderson’s friend and a fellow K-State student.

Witter said she loves seeing Anderson’s art in City Park.

“It’s just a little bright spot in my day,” Witter said.

It might seem inconsistent, but Anderson said she might add another activity to her life: sparring. Her friends and roommates occasionally have light sparring sessions with boxing gloves.

Anderson is typically an observer of the living room fight nights, but she said she can “throw down” based on her first outing.

“I made it to the championship. It was my first and probably not last fight night,” she said.

Anderson also enjoys being outside when she can.

“I really like dancing in the grass with my bare feet,” she said. “It’s like one of my favorite things.”

She also works at Lamb of God Preschool at First Lutheran Church. Anderson is a member of The Forge, a non-denominational church community, as well as Beloved Arise, an LGBTQ+ Christian faith group.

“Love those people,” she added.

Overall, seeing people happy because of her art makes Anderson happy.

“It’s fun for me, and because I’ve been doing it so long, and people do like it, that’s like an extra motivator,” Anderson said.

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