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K-State rolls into Lawrence on Saturday to play the annual Sunflower Showdown football game against the Kansas Jayhawks.

Heading to Lawrence for the Sunflower Showdown?

Two Mercury reporters — government reporter Hailey Dixon and sports reporter Sean Collins — hailing from the University of Kansas have recommendations and tips to make the most out of your time while cheering on K-State this weekend.

The Wildcats take on the Jayhawks at 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

Hailey: Before you head out to Memorial Stadium, I recommend people take a stroll on Massachusetts Street and check out all the neat shops, such as Love Garden Sounds or Game Nut.

Head over to The Burger Stand at The Casbah, at 803 Massachusetts St. The restaurant is home to, in my opinion, some of the best burgers and fries one will ever taste. Drink a Free State beer and dip your fries into their special marshmallow or cocoa chipotle ketchup sauces. You won’t regret it.

Speaking of Free State, if you want more of a sit-down dining atmosphere, grab a bite to eat at Free State Brewery, at 636 Massachusetts St., which serves some amazing cheddar ale soup and its own brewery. The cheesy, delicious soup is sure to warm you up before the game.

If you enjoy coffee, go to Java Break, at 17 E. 7th St., which is near Mass Street. You can enjoy their fun, quirky cereal bar for a snack. I also recommend trying the White Cow drink, which is an espresso with chocolate and vanilla flavors.

After the game, channel some summer vibes and grab a fruity drink at the Sandbar, at 17 E. Eighth St. My personal favorites are the famous Shark Attack, a blue mixed drink affixed with a plastic shark with grenadine syrup, and The Little Mermaid, a lighter vodka soda mixed with Sprite.

If you have a sweet tooth, head over to Sylas and Maddy’s, an ice cream shop at 1014 Massachusetts St. This dessert shop offers all kinds of ice cream and homemade waffle cones.

Sean: When I first started school at Kansas, I never thought the one-way streets would be something that I would miss, but here I am about to recommend them.

An easy and quick item for a trip to Lawrence is to drive down Kentucky and Tennessee streets. There’s no better time of the year than fall to do so. There are a plethora of old homes made from brick or painted in unique colors along the edges of the streets with fall trees hanging over the street.

If you are looking for an easy meal before or after the game, Papa Kenos pizza at 10th and Mass is a solid bet. There are a couple more locations scattered around Kansas — I’ve been to several — but this remains my favorite. It’s New York-style slices the size of your face at a cheap price, all while delivering a satisfying taste.

Hailey already mentioned Free State, which is a solid choice. However, if that location is packed, another option is 23rd Street Brewery. You may not make it to the happy hour, but there are many options for drinks and appetizers.

It’s a little further away from the noise, too, and there’s a nearby exit to head back to Manhattan if this winds up being the final stop of the day.

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