Rafael Garcia, a very good reporter for The Mercury, is arguing in favor of the F*** KU! chant in a column in today’s newspaper.

It’s a well-written column, as I would expect from Rafael.

It’s also dead wrong, in my humble opinion.

As the publisher of the paper, I’d like to respond, rather than spike the column, in the interest of a full and open discussion. That’s the way we do things around here: we encourage opposing viewpoints. Wacky and out of step with the times, I know.

Rafael’s argument is essentially that a full-throated version of the vulgarity will...hmmm… bring closure for K-Staters after the melee at the end of last Tuesday night’s game in Lawrence. As you know, four players were suspended for their parts in a brawl, highlighted by KU’s Silvio De Sousa wielding a stool as a weapon.


Look, the F-word chant has done nothing productive at all. Never has, never will.

It’s dumb. It makes K-Staters look vulgar and mean and narrow-minded. As I’ve said many times before, K-Staters are not that way at all. They’re funny. At their best, they’re self-deprecating and clever, and make their opponents look dumb by comparison.

The chant has been going on for several years now. Is that a cause or an effect of heightened tensions in the rivalry?

Probably both. Doesn’t matter much. The reality is that the whole thing trampled across a line this past week. You have the actual players throwing punches at each other. People could have gone to jail for what happened.

So you want to ENCOURAGE more vulgarity, as if that will somehow bring the whole thing back over to the right side of the line? Michael Corleone tried that approach: Just one more mob hit, and that will settle all the scores, and then we can all go clean. Closure.

Maybe we should allow people to shoot each other when somebody dances with their dates in Aggieville, too?

The answer is to be classy, to be clever, to rise above that sort of crap. Let Silvio De Sousa wallow in filth, and let KU fans try to defend that.

Come up with something better. Dress up as Ric Flair. Make a play on the term “stool pigeon.” Wear shirts that say “KU Started It!”

Something. But not the chant again. That will just keep the dumb-train rolling down the tracks.

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