After a 2017 fire caused the 2018/19 Library Chamber Music Series to be relocated from its home in the library’s Hemisphere Room to various temporary venues, the series was put on indefinite hold by the unwelcome arrival of COVID-19. When the word went out that its Hemisphere Room recitals were resuming in a three-program 2022/23 set beginning with an encore appearance by the Faculty Brass Quintet on October 21, the news was of course cause for celebration.

Accordingly, we returnees made our winding campus way to Hale (formerly Farrell Library) expecting to take our customary two-elevator ride up to the top only to be stopped on entry and informed that there were still a few kinks to be worked out (i.e., the air in the Hemisphere was over-chilled!), but that a “hemisphere” of renovated space on ground level had been fitted out for the evening’s performance.

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