People can step into a world of motion and action by surfing, snowboarding and climbing at the new Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures in Action exhibit at the Flint Hills Discovery Center.

The temporary exhibit, which opened Saturday and lasts until May 2, offers kids and adults a chance to improve personal balance, coordination, strength and endurance through a variety of activities and stations. People also can discover new activities they’ve never discovered before.

“We see this as a way of incorporating physical activity into routines that will last a lifetime,” said Kendra Kuhlman, assistant director at FHDC.

Run! Jump! Fly! infuses culture as well as real-life examples to inspire visitors to get moving and incorporate activity in their daily lives.

“This is a creative approach to attract young people to physical activities while having fun at the same time,” Kuhlman said.

The exhibit features four adventure scenes: a surfing/snowboarding simulator, a climbing canyon and wall, a kung fu forest and flycycles, which are flying bicycles.

The snowboard simulator allows people to practice their agility and balance on boards while the climbing wall tests upper-body and arm strength. The kung fu forest details different martial arts poses for people to try. The flycycles are stationary and teach endurance to riders.

Run! Jump! Fly! is designed to teach people how to do the activities there, and then people can try them at home.

There’s also a yoga station where people can practice their tree poses and cat stretches. At the strength center, visitors can work on their lower and upper-body strength with kid-friendly monkey bars and leg presses. The dance club allows people to select some music while dancing to the beat.

While at FHDC, people must wear masks. FHDC has implemented cleaning protocols and limits capacity at the exhibit during the coronavirus pandemic. While at the exhibit, FHDC asks visitors to wipe down exhibit components with disinfectant.

“We are excited to bring the opportunity for physical activity and fun to our guests, and doing so in a safe way,” Kuhlman said.

While participating in the Run! Jump! Fly! exhibit, people can track the activities they performed on Action Tracker devices. These trackers log exercise and activities and encourage people to get active. People can take them home for three days. The tracker encourages people to get 60 minutes of exercise per day.

In conjunction with the Run! Jump! Fly! exhibit, FHDC will offer virtual health and wellness programs online for people to use through May.

This exhibit wants people to get moving, and FHDC officials felt with the new year, this was the best time to introduce it.

“We’ve enjoyed putting this exhibit together, and believe it is the perfect time to focus on health and wellness in our community and beyond,” Kuhlman said.

The Minnesota Children’s Museum created this exhibit, offered in both English and Spanish; Ascension Via Christi is the local sponsor.

The exhibit is on the second floor of the Flint Hills Discovery Center.

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