The Manhattan Public Library serves a wide variety of patrons, including many military families from nearby Fort Riley. This month for Read MHK, we’re focusing on military life. Our children’s department has several titles focusing on military families to help explain to children what their caregivers’ jobs are, as well as help them cope with deployments.

“Hero Dad” and “Hero Mom” by Melinda Hardin focus on the wide variety of jobs that military parents can have. A varied group of children list off what their dad or mom does in the military, in comparison to a superhero. So, while some moms have the super healing power of being a medic, instead of a sidekick the dad has a battalion. Both books lightly touch on deployment, saying that sometimes mom or dad has to go away for a while but that’s OK because superheroes do too. These are both great books for showing the love and pride of having a military parent.

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