Spring is unmatched for the variety of plants that flower and add interest to the landscape. There are plants that wait until this time of the year to show off their flowers.

One may need to look closely to discover the available blooms. These plants aren’t used in great quantities in the landscape like the spring blooming ones. Each season has something to share.

The first plant that needs showcased is the Seven-son flower. It is also referred to by its botanical name of Heptacodium.

This 10 x 10 feet tall and wide shrub has glossy dark green leaves. Creamy-white flowers are produced at this time of the year and are visited by butterflies.

One of its best attributes is its persistent, reddish-pink sepals left after the blossoms drop. There are a few cultivars available such as “Temple of Bloom.”

There are some lilacs that bloom now as well as in the spring. “Bloomerang” series of typical lilac colors are available. These shrubs fit nicely in most landscapes with a 5 by 5 feet dimension.

A vine that is in bloom right now is the Sweet Autumn Clematis. This vine has clusters of 1-2 inch fragrant white blooms covering a 15 to 25 foot vine.

It is hard to miss when in bloom. It blooms on current growth so can be cut back near the ground each spring.

Warm-season ornamental grasses are starting to bloom. There are many selections available in different sizes, habits, and colors. My favorite is “Graziella Silver Grass.”

It is 4 feet tall until it blooms reaching 6 feet. The flower stems and leaves are easily chopped down after the season compared to more ridged ones.

For these and other good plants to grow, check out Kansasroots.org.

You might consider adding some of these and other plants for added interest at this time of the growing season. I’m available for consultations.

You can find out more information on this and other topics by going to the Riley County, K-State Research and Extension website at www.riley.ksu.edu.

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