Movie-goers will be glad to see the last reel of Jordan Peele’s “Nope,” because the sham Ennio Morricone music reminds us that the director and writer who gave us “Get Out” and “Us” has a sense of humor. Those movies were even more serious than are the strange and original first two hours of “Nope.”

It would have been easy for Peele to cut material from the first reel, especially, if he had wanted a more direct and efficient film. “Nope” uses Keke Palmer and big-eyed Daniel Kaluuya to give us memorable characters. She’s a funky groovy self-promoter, who plays loud music at home in order to give her a beat for her solo dancing. He’s her brother, the cowboy type who is trying to make their family ranch pay after the odd death of their father.

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