Burlap wreath

Burlap wreaths can add a sense of rustic charm to your usual Christmas decor.

If you’re one of those folks who love to goes all out when decorating for the holiday season, you’ll likely find that the cost of buying every piece for the nativity scene, ornaments, wall hangings and other Christmas decorations can easily add up. Forgoing the pre-made stuff and taking the “do-it-yourself” route can help ease that burden, while also bringing personalized charm to your home and appeasing your festive spirit.

While these crafts are labeled from “easy” to “hard,” the labels better describe how much effort you’ll need to make them.

Easy — Glitter candle jars

Tea lights or fairy lights are almost always synonymous with coziness — perfect to go along with the sparkly snow this winter season. These candle jars will add to that atmosphere and are super simple to throw together.


Clean, empty glass jars


Clear glue

1-inch flat paint brush

Flameless candles or twinkle lights


1. Use the paint brush to apply clear glue to the inside of the jar. Brush the glue more heavily toward the bottom and lighter as you work your way to the top. Work in light layers, however, so it doesn't become too goopy. Feather the edges near the top and leave about 1/4 of the top of the jar free of glue.

2. Pour glitter in the jar while the glue is still wet. Roll the glitter around or shake it with a lid on to coat the inside. Pour the excess glitter back into the container.

3. When dry, place candles or lights inside.

Medium — Popsicle snowflakes

This is a fun and creative craft that can involve the whole family. Children can help with the snowflake designs while the adults take care of the hot glueing, or the kids can take over the whole process if they’re provided craft glue.


Hot glue gun and sticks or craft glue

Paint (optional), either spray paint or brush-on acrylic

Ribbon or twine (optional)


1. Arrange sticks into snowflake designs and cut some in half if necessary. Search designs online if you need some inspiration.

2. Hot glue ends together.

3. Paint some or all the popsicle sticks for added color.

4. If you want, use ribbon or twine to create a loop to hang the snowflakes.

Hard — Burlap wreath

Burlap wreaths add a bit of rustic charm to your Christmas decor. Have fun with the arrangements to tailor it to your aesthetic. This craft may take a bit more time and care than the others, but it’s easier than it looks.


14-inch Styrofoam wreath

1/2 yard of burlap (approximately)

Christmas picks, sprays and ornaments

Ribbon or twine

Hot glue gun and sticks


1. Either cut burlap into 2-inch strips, wrapping them around the wreath and gluing as you go, or tightly wrap the burlap roll around the wreath, securing with glue at the end.

2. Use festive sprays, picks and ornaments to arrange into a display to affix on the wreath. Use twine or ribbon to secure the arrangements. If you want it to be extra secure, add hot glue near the base.

3. Take two strips of ribbon to make the wreath hanger. Use one strip and loop it through the wreath, securing the ends with hot glue. Use the other length to form a ribbon and attach with hot glue to the top of the loop.

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