The 59th Stockdale reunion was Aug. 11 at the Keats United Methodist Church annex in Keats.

Ralph Weller led a prayer before the covered dish luncheon.

The president, Kevin Stilley, called the meeting to order. The secretary, Barbara Luthi, read the minutes of the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read. Luthi resigned her position. She served as president, vice president and secretary for 23 years. Stilley asked for a volunteer for secretary and no one volunteered. The election of a new secretary will be held at the 2020 Stockdale reunion. Stilley has been president for 17 years with one years as secretary. Ralph Weller has served as treasurer for 32 years.

Luthi made a motion that, when the reunion is disbanded, the Stockdale reunion books be given to the Riley County Historical Society, Manhattan. The motion was approved.

The treasurer’s report was given and approved as read.

Ralph Weller conduced a memorial service and prayer for 2019 departed members: Edith Britt, George DeWyke, Ruth (DeWyke) Hohman, Roberta “Bobbi” (Crumbaker) Peters, Earl Phillips, Vonneta “Bonnie” (Willis) Quinn and Stanley “Pat” Russell.

Kevin Larson had another commitment but would return for the 2020 Stockdale reunion with slides about Stockdale and the surrounding area.

There were 24 attendees who signed the register. They were from Holton, Nadine Fisher and Dennis and Eunice Klahr; from Hoyt, Dan and Marie Burdick; from Manhattan, Donald Duncan, Daniel and Julie Higgins, Shirley Higgins, Charlie and Barbara Luthi, Kent and Barbara Stewart, Kevin Stilley, Virginia Stilley and Tom Winter; from Topeka, Wanita Vann and Harold and Betty Weller; from St. George, Marlene Flinn; and from Wamego, Melissa Hunt.

The next Stockdale reunion will be Aug. 9, 2020, at the Keats Methodist Church Annex, Keats.

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