Live performances may be all but shut down in London’s West End and Big Apple’s Broadway (the Met just announced cancellation of all live opera until at least next fall), but the MAC Theater’s 2020-21 season kicked off Friday with a presentation of Joseph Kesselring’s 1941 comic warhorse “Ar…

Dave and Bobbie Kromm of Manhattan celebrated their 60th anniversary on Sept. 17.

Nights are officially growing longer, shadows are creeping farther, and a chill is rising on the back of your neck when you leave your car these days. Maybe it’s just leaves scuttling over the sidewalk or branches creaking in the wind, but our minds are telling us there are secrets waiting f…

Matt Plummer and Katie Klaassen are pleased to announce their engagement.

Whether the goal is diving deeper into spirituality, weight loss, or wanting to start or quit a habit, the first step in making a change in your life is becoming attuned to your needs, Diane Clark said.

BI have always thought it interesting that the very first warning in the book of Proverbs concerns casting your lot with thieves. In the modern age, fathers, when advising their sons (as the first nine chapters of Proverbs are written) do not lead off by warning them to stay away from maraud…

The new romantic comedy “Broken Hearts Gallery” is kind of a mess. Written and directed by first-timer and first-timer Natalie Krinsky, it would be complete in not quite 90 minutes if there weren’t several unconvincing reversals stuck onto it late.

It’s time to change the channel. No, I’m not referring to the remote control for your television set, I’m talking about a remarkable broadcaster who found a new channel of communication through which to serve his community.

It probably won’t come as any surprise to you that I love books. So, when I find a book about the importance of language and reading, it makes my heart skip a beat. Through reading, I have recently traveled to inland China and the hills of Kentucky, with characters that brave the elements an…

As we get back to new movies in the theater, please remember that the studios like to make films about comic book superheroes. There are substantial audiences for these films. Some of them have been well-made. And they allow movie makers to show what they can do with special effects.


While seeing a child nail a dance move is a reward in and of itself, Kate Grier, owner and coach at Project Dance MHK, a recreation and competition dance studio, said some of the more subtle things like seeing children gain confidence or feel comfortable opening up about their lives means ev…

Hailey Dixon and Aaron Phillips were married Aug. 9. The couple tied the knot on the anniversary of their seventh year of dating.

Charlotte Schmitz and Regan Lundin of Westminster, Colorado, were married on July 24 at the Church Ranch Event Center in Westminster, Colorado.

Marcia and Jim Chacon will celebrate their 50th anniversary on Sept. 12.

Now the movie theaters have re-opened. They are popping corn down at the south end of the mall. And they are showing a surprisingly attractive set of new films. For example, there is a new movie version of Charles Dickens’s semi-autobiographical novel, “David Copperfield.”

Oliver Cooper Boxberger was born Aug. 27 to Christopher and Samantha Boxberger.

Dean and Lucille (West) Constable, Blue Rapids, will celebrate their 60th anniversary on Sept. 18.

Lonnie & Jean (Hess) Paquette celebrated their 55th anniversary on Aug. 27.

Dene Dryden and Kyle Hampel were married Aug. 7.

Erik Larson is the sort of writer who is able to capture and communicate the spirit as well as the historical facts of whatever story he tells. Readers of his previous books — “The Devil in the White City” (on the 1893 Chicago Columbian Exposition), “Dead Wake” (on the sinking of the Lusitan…

Are you familiar with the story of the Andrea Doria? She was a luxury liner, built after World War II, well known for elegantly appointed rooms and gourmet meals. The ship frequently hosted celebrities such as film actresses and business CEOs. With a capacity of some 1,200 passengers and a c…

William and Evelyn Richardson will celebrate their 70th anniversary Sept. 2.

Melvin and Randi (Johnson) Dale of Manhattan will celebrate their 60th anniversary on Aug. 27.

Terry and Nancy DeWeese of St. George celebrated their 50th anniversary on Aug. 16.

Maurey and Jill (McKee) Rose celebrated their 45th anniversary on Aug. 16.