Emilee Ebert at K-State 1

Emilee Ebert, a multi-sport star at Frankfort High, signed with Kansas State’s women’s basketball program Tuesday. Ebert said being able to play her natural position (point guard) and the ability to stay closer to home were two factors that made her flip from Missouri State.

Emilee Ebert can’t quite remember the first time she watched Kansas State women’s basketball play at Bramlage Coliseum. All she knows is she’s too young to recall her exact age.

But she’ll never forget one player she saw that day.

“That’s when Kendra Wecker was playing,” said Ebert, a multi-sport star at Frankfort High. “I went around and told everyone that I want to play at K-State, just like Kendra Wecker.”

Now Ebert will.

Ebert said she officially signed with the Wildcats on Sunday. She moved in Tuesday. The process for Ebert went by quickly, touring campus, the facilities and meeting the team not long after moving in. Despite all the swirl of activity surrounding her throughout the day, Ebert said she had a sense of relief.

Ebert previously had signed with Missouri State, but the offer from K-State gave her a lot to think about.

“I thought and prayed for like two days straight, and in the end I just felt like this was best for me and where I belong,” Ebert said. “It’s closer to home, my family will be here and my town can watch me. The support system is just going to be a little bit easier.”

Once Ebert announced she was signing with K-State, that “support system” was ecstatic, she said. While she still would have had backing at Missouri State, it would have been a much farther drive for her family and friends. Proximity to home and the fact that she grew up a K-State fan, those things mattered. However, it was still basketball that sealed the deal.

“I am a point guard, and its kind of the area they are looking for me to play, so I was really intrigued by that,” Ebert said. “That’s just what I’ve always been. To know that if I come in here and do my job I get to be point guard, it really kind of sold me.”

Ebert doesn’t play the same position as the player who helped her find her love for K-State women’s basketball; Wecker was a forward.

But starting next season, she’ll don the same uniform and play at the same coliseum where Wecker starred from 2001 to 2005 before the Wildcats raised her No. 53 jersey to the rafters.

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