Plans are moving forward for a Braum’s restaurant and not just one but possibly two Casey’s General Stores in Manhattan.

In addition to the Casey’s planned for the southeast corner of South Third Street and Fort Riley Boulevard, the company is looking at opening a second store at the southwest corner of Kimball Avenue and Tuttle Creek Boulevard, said Ryan Courtright, the city government’s assistant chief of risk reduction.

This is the site of McMillins Retail Liquor. The liquor store’s owner wasn’t immediately available for comment.

In October, Manhattan city commissioners unanimously approved vacating a utility easement for the creation of the planned Casey’s on Third Street and Fort Riley Boulevard. Courtright said the city will give Casey’s its building permit for this location in the next couple of weeks.

On Wednesday, Courtright announced the second store coming to Manhattan in an interview with KMAN radio. He clarified to The Mercury on Wednesday afternoon it’s still very early in the process and said he should not have released the news this early.

City officials also confirmed they heard back from Braum’s, which plans to start construction in late summer or early fall at Scenic Drive and Anderson Avenue.

City manager Ron Fehr and Courtright said Braum’s has no official building plans in the works yet.

A representative with Braum’s Community Relations in February told The Mercury the company had no updates on the project.

Braum’s public relations director Amanda Beuchaw told The Mercury in August 2019 that the ice cream and burger restaurant was still in the process of securing the lot in west Manhattan.

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