Local resident obtains patent for virtual reality


Jeff Hake, founder of VR In-Motion, recently received a U.S. patent for a virtual technology he introduced and created in a 28-foot-long trailer.

The ride is housed in a mobile trailer, where patrons are placed on seats in a horizontal platform. This simulator is placed underneath the seats and moves in all directions to provide riders with the sense of being fully immersed in the experience.

The technology allows multiple users to enter the same virtual reality realm through head-mounted displays, yet still experience partial control over the ride. Information regarding the progress of the ride is personalized for each passenger and information can be communicated between multiple passengers.

Hake initially introduced this technology to the Manhattan community during the Festival of Lights in 2016 while providing an immersive Santa sleigh ride experience.

“To be told ‘it’s like Disney World in a trailer’ from our patrons is extremely gratifying,” Hake said. “We realize that there are families who may never get to go to Disney World or get to experience what it’s like to fly. Our vision is to bring alternate realities to you. In doing so, we hope to inspire you to venture out, get out of your comfort zone and see in ‘real life’ what this great world has to offer.”

After the Santa sleigh ride, Hake officially formed VR In-Motion. VR In-Motion has created a way to sync multiple headsets together to create electrifying experiences, including roller coaster rides, helicopter adventures, off-road racing and the sleigh ride that started it all.

With the patent officially obtained, Hake and his team have begun to work on bigger partnerships and projects on the west coast that will be rolled out later this summer. With offices already in Manhattan. and Kansas City, Missouri, Hake will also be expanding his company to California.

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