Whether it’s cleaning pet hair, threading needles or keeping pantyhose from running, hairspray can help with more than just taming your hair. Check out these surprising ways to use the beauty product at home.

1. Keep curtains dust-free.

Many homeowners claim that a little bit of hairspray goes a long way when it comes to keeping curtains and drapes clean. Simply spray drapes with hairspray to keep dust from sticking to them in the future. But make sure to only apply hairspray to new or newly cleaned window treatments — otherwise it could cause existing grime to stick. Be sure to check with a window covering professional to make sure the hairspray won’t damage the fabric.

2. Remove unwanted pet fur.

If you notice pet fur sticking to your furniture and floors, try using hairspray to pick it up. Just spray the product on a dry rag or washcloth and wait a few seconds. Once the hairspray is close to dry, use the cloth to wipe fur off of couches, carpet, clothes or any other surface. Don’t forget to spot-test this solution before applying it to a large area. This will help you avoid damaging any surfaces accidentally.

3. Thread needles with ease.

Do you have trouble threading needles? Hairspray is an easy fix. Squirt just a bit of the spray on the end of the thread to stiffen up the string. It should also help keep the thread from fraying. Then, simply thread the needle as normal and get to sewing. Another tip? Using a freshly trimmed thread will make it even easier.

4. Keep tights from running.

If you find a run in your tights or pantyhose, don’t panic. A little hairspray will stop the progression of the tear. Just spray the area around the run and it should keep things from getting worse. Plus, you can use hairspray as a preventative measure. Apply the product to your hosiery immediately after purchase to make it run-resistant and to help prevent snags.

5. Remove ink stains.

While calling a professional or using actual cleaning supplies will probably work better, hairspray can remove ink stains from fabric in a pinch. Many DIYers swear that using an alcohol-based spray can lift pen ink from clothes and upholstery. Just spray the affected area and then wipe away the stain with a damp cloth. If you’re still noticing a stain, try using the same method with rubbing alcohol.

BONUS: Get rid of residue.

Stickers and labels can sometimes leave behind a gunky residue. To get rid of the substance, try spraying it with hairspray. Just squirt the spray on the sticky area and then rub the residue off with your fingers. Wash it off with soap and water once complete to leave a sparking surface. Another tip? Hair dryers do the same thing in a pinch. Just blow warm air on the sticker for a few seconds and try to remove it. It should peel away fairly easily after being exposed to heat.

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