Following the recent deaths of two dogs, two Kansas City area organizations have teamed up on a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of heat exposure to animals.

The deaths, according to a news release from Great Plains SPCA, were due to a dog being left in a hot car and a dog being left on a porch.

“Within 24 hours, two dogs died from the heat,” said Tam Singer, CEO of Great Plains SPCA. “Just like Great Plains, KCK Animal Services is seeing these dogs stuck and unable to protect themselves from the heat, so I thought it was very important that we partner together to help raise awareness.”

With a July heatwave on the horizon, the organizations have taken to social media with the campaign, urging dog owners to limit their pets’ time outside and to make sure a dog has proper shade and access to water when outside.

Additionally, Great Plains is offering supplies for limiting heat exposure, such as water bowls and tarps to produce shade.

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