• Epipen episode illustrates flaws in U.S. health care

    To the Editor: The latest flap about unconscionable drug price gouging shines a bright light on just one element of our broken health care system. The Epipen is essential to many people for survival. This product has outlived its patent .

  • Support of Global Fund is appreciated, effective

    To the Editor: Thank you for covering the upcoming replenishment of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Reading how Thoko’s life has been dramatically affected by these devastating diseases is heartbreaking, but the Global Fund offers .

  • Help Hospice House perform its vital mission

    To the Editor: As we start thinking about school, football, cooler weather, autumn leaves and, of course, the holiday season, it is also “flock membership” time. Now is an excellent time to renew or begin your annual membership to the .

  • Many mental health patients quite functional

    To the Editor: September is (Mental Health) Recovery Month. Like everything else, that means different things to different people. After more than 50 years in the “mental health system,” recovery is hard for me to describe. Many of my friends who .

  • Look again at Indians’ support for Indian mascots

    To the Editor: “The professional football team in Washington calls itself the Washington Redskins. As a Native American, do you find that name offensive, or doesn’t it bother you?” Ninety percent of 504 adults self-identifying as Native American selected the .

  • Why make such a big deal of Kaepernick’s protest?

    To the Editor: I had hoped that the Merc would ignore Colin Kaepernick and his protest, but he not only makes it into the sports pages but is the subject of the paper’s editorial on the opinion page. Why? .

  • Decency, civility more important than mascot

    To the Editor: I confess I do not have a very big personal investment in the discussion about the Manhattan High School Indian drawing, but as I passed through an intersection in Manhattan with the overhead likeness of what purports .

  • There are bigger issues than a high school mascot

    To the Editor: Here are 10 things more worthy of attention than the Indian mascot controversy: 1. Childhood bullying 2. Terrorism 3. School finance 4. Zika virus 5. Domestic and child abuse. 6. Illegal drugs 7. Childhood hunger 8. Homelessness 9. Unemployment 10. Cancer Let’s put our efforts into solving .

  • Community has lost a superb pianist, teacher

    To the Editor: Early last month, our community lost one of its most distinguished and talented personalities. Since 1948, Margaret Yzerman Walker enriched this community and our state with her conspicuous artistry as a pianist and teacher. She and her husband, .

  • Can Indian mascot debate be waged more honorably?

    To the Editor: So, the community disagrees about whether the Indian mascot for Manhattan High School should be changed. This is unsurprising. But the anger of some of the responses (primarily from the anti-mascot-change perspective) printed in the Mercury recently .

  • On campus rape issue, KSU should be part of the solution

    To the Editor: A front-page Mercury article on Sunday, Aug. 28, carrying the headline “Campus claims,” was basically a legal discussion of campus rape and K-State’s own interpretation of Title IX “legal-speak.” The larger question is: How would you feel .

  • God help us if Trump is elected our president

    To the Editor: What in the world is going on with the current campaigning cycle? This is getting downright scary. I saw placards at a Trump rally that read: “Hang the B——.” Donald Trump has made veiled statements about the .


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