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  • Thanks for helping make Troop 75 event a success

    To the Editor: On Feb. 5, Boy Scout Sunday, Troop 75 held a spaghetti dinner at the First United Methodist Church on Poyntz Avenue to raise funds to help our scouts pay for summer camps. Many thanks are in order. First, a .

  • Cultural education should go well beyond ‘Indians’

    To the Editor: As I sat down to write this response to the op-ed piece “MHS mascot as learning tool,” my wife reminded me of two things. First, it doesn’t matter whether someone is right or wrong; according to .

  • Learning about fascism, populism, nationalism

    To the Editor: During and after the election of U.S. President No. 45, I heard several terms spoken broadly throughout the media that, quite frankly, I did not fully understand — terms like “fascism,” “populism” and “nationalism.” So, I did my .

  • Fort Riley’s thunder is music to Americans’ ears

    To the Editor: The sound of freedom or noise and a nuisance disturbing one’s sleep? Which is it for you? In December we heard the stories of the aging men and women who fought the battles of World War .

  • Farm Bill provisions help low-income Kansans

    To the Editor: Sen. Pat Roberts recently announced that the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee will be hosting the first Farm Bill hearing in McCain Auditorium. In an effort to find out “what is working and what is not working .

  • Roberts, Moran put party ahead of students

    To the Editor: As a mother, grandmother, and former public school educator, I am appalled that Betsy DeVos will now be U.S. Secretary of Education. I am especially appalled at the votes of our senators from Kansas, Jerry Moran .

  • Senate bill would erect more obstacles to voting

    To the Editor: The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 provides sensible rules for legal voting. The act puts prospective voters at risk of prosecution for perjury if they claim citizenship falsely, and they must produce documentation confirming their place of .

  • Support of Souper Bowl is greatly appreciated

    To the Editor: The joy of giving is multiplied when the gift is food. This past weekend, many small, and some not so small, gifts were given to the Flint Hills Breadbasket and then on to others. The football game .

  • Trump is likely to lead America into chaos, war

    To the Editor: I have great empathy for the Kansas people. They have had to put up with sixplus years of the Brownback administration, which has practically brought this state to its knees with its mean-spirited and absurd laws. Now .

  • Roberts says too little in form-letter email reply

    To the Editor: A week or so ago I mailed a letter to Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran urging them to vote against President Trump Cabinet nominees De-Vos, Perry and Carson on the grounds of incompetence. On Friday I .

  • KSU fans can be zealous without becoming vulgar

    To the Editor: With the upcoming K-State vs. KU men’s basketball game, K-State will once again be in the national sports spotlight. ESPN will carry the game live as the main feature in its “Big Monday” lineup. In the .

  • Brownback’s moves hurt Kansas highways

    To the Editor: Gov. Sam Brownback has announced that there will be no modernization or expansion of our highways by the Kansas Department of Transportation for the coming year. He is diverting yet more money from the highway fund to .


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