• ‘Alternative facts’ a poor choice of words

    To the Editor: As someone who knows I often have poor word choice and who reads and listens to a lot of political information from multiple sources, I think the media have taken a very hostile view of an unfortunate .

  • MATC among nation’s best in graduation rates

    To the Editor: A recent analysis by the Chronicle of Higher Education in its 2016 Almanac examined 895 public community and technical colleges and their graduation rates. Manhattan Area Technical College placed 19th nationally and qualified for the top 2 percent in the .

  • Trump’s election has spawned new activism

    To the Editor: With the election of Donald Trump, millions of people are faced with the question of how we move forward in the face of national and international fear. The answer: activism. People are already taking steps toward becoming .

  • White House assault on news media is a big deal

    To the editor So far, I haven’t seen much being made of the presidential press conference and how Sean Spicer blatantly lied, likely in an attempt to soothe DJT’s ego, but also in an attempt to undermine public .

  • Manning, Snowden revealed hidden truths

    To the Editor: There’s one virtue Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Arnie Gunderson and other whistle blowers have in common. They all reveled the politically hidden truth to the public. The truth no longer shall set you free, .

  • MHS-East classrooms are too cold… or too hot

    To the Editor: I understand that USD 383 has put together a committee to look at the needs of facilities for the Manhattan-Ogden School District. A need committee members should pay more attention to is the heating and cooling of classrooms .

  • It certainly is an interesting world

    To the Editor: We’ve got to hand it to Rush Limbaugh. The self-proclaimed genius in all things “99.6 percent right,” knows when he’s skating on thin ice. Not wanting to risk a scorching 3 a.m. tweet from you-know-who, he .

  • Criticism is cheap; ideas more valuable

    To the Editor: My daddy told me, “If you’re going to criticize something, you better have suggestions to make it better.” Too bad David Dorsey of the Kansas Policy Institute didn’t follow my father’s advice because his .

  • America’s leaders must protect our environment

    To the Editor: The article, “Earth sets hottest record for third straight time,” highlights the importance of taking care of land and water in our state. I voted for Donald Trump, but I certainly did not vote for a government .

  • Hypocrisy evident during confirmation hearings

    To the Editor: The latest demonstration of inconsistency and simple ignorance is revealed in the criticisms leveled at many of President-elect Donald Trump’s nominees to Cabinet and other management positions in the new administration. I make no judgment on .

  • Gala proceeds to help mental health efforts

    To the Editor: Loved, understood and stigma- free! Those are the things we want to be. Please join the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Thursday, Feb. 9. at 7 p.m. as we throw a Healing of the Heart Sweet Heart .

  • Speak up now against guns on our campuses

    To the Editor: Given the renewed attention to the upcoming July 2017 implementation of the Kansas concealed carry law and the beginning of a new Kansas legislative session, I want to state my unequivocal opposition to this ill-conceived law. On July 1, .


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