• Some generosity can make Super Bowl a Souper Bowl

    To the Editor: The Super Bowl game next Sunday provides us with entertainment and an opportunity to share food and drink with friends and family. It has become a fun cause of national excitement. It has also become an opportunity — .

  • Vermont’s ‘Trump sandwich’ has appropriate ingredient

    To the Editor: Although Donald Trump’s recent visit to Vermont was mentioned in the news, most Manhattanites did not follow live streaming and coverage by the Burlington Free Press. The best thing that I read and want to share .

  • Kansas Day event special at Northview School

    To the Editor: On Jan. 22, Northview held a Kansas Day celebration. Volunteers and staff members joined forces to create unbelievable memories for our students. The day began with a school assembly celebrating our great state. A narrated PowerPoint provided the .

  • Payday loans seem to do as much harm as good

    To the Editor: One of my friends suggested that I write something on the payday loan business. She works in a position in which she deals with many people who are victims of the payday loan industry. It is a .

  • MHS mascot is an honor, not an insult

    To the Editor: Every few years a few folks decide that the Manhattan High School mascot should be changed. Either they have forgotten or are totally ignorant of the fact that the mascot — Indians — was chosen to honor a coach .

  • We must minimize human error in research at NBAF

    To the Editor: Born in 1688, Alexander Pope is in part remembered for his famous quote, “To err is human, to forgive is divine.” This pardon was recently extended to an Army officer, Col. William E. King IV, who was the .

  • Concealed carry on campus will be risky and expensive

    To the Editor: Thursday’s Mercury contained two articles related to implementation of the state’s new concealed-carry law. Last week I attended a meeting in which the KSU campus police chief explained some of the issues. Several topics of .

  • Don’t fault poor Kansans for buying gas elsewhere

    To the Editor: I am sometimes critical of wage earners who suffer most from current Kansas taxes and who do not seem to connect the taxing of wages and exempting businesses as being detrimental to their purse. Lower wage earners .

  • Nondiscrimination ordinance should be more of a priority

    To the Editor: It was extremely disappointing last Sunday to read that the Manhattan City Commission, which set many goals at its 2016 retreat, decided to not include anything about basic nondiscrimination for all citizens. Since November, the citizens of Manhattan .

  • Kansas right to be a national leader in pro-life legislation

    To the Editor: Another Jan. 22, the anni-versary of the decision by the Supreme Court of the United States to allow the killing of unborn children, has come and gone. Since that time, more Amer-icans have been killed through abortion than .

  • MHS mascot is respectful, not offensive; let’s keep it

    To the Editor: There has been a lot of talk about changing the Manhattan High School mascot and logo because they are “offensive” and “derogatory.” The MHS Mentor even had an editorial advocating this move. Its arguments are that the .

  • Discovery Center continues to be a drain on local funds

    To the Editor: Year-end Flint Hills Discovery Center financials are in; it lost $357,000 in 2015. No surprise. It’s like City Hall burning $1,000 a day, every day of the year, sans a few holidays, year after year after year. Admissions were 72 .


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