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  • Listening to others can lead to understanding

    To the Editor: This election has proven that the United States is far from united. It seems that many of us are living siloed lives, perhaps parallel to one another but not truly interacting. We don’t really know what’.

  • Trump’s supporters are scarier than he is

    To the Editor: Donald Trump is president elect. It happened, and this is where we are now. As a “nasty women,” of course I am upset, but guess what? The sun will still rise and life will continue. Everything is .

  • Drivers must heed school crossing guards

    To the Editor: I don’t know who to contact or to express my concerns with, but I think there needs to be a briefing for every soldier on Fort Riley and their families. I am the wife of a .

  • How could Americans elect Trump president?

    To the Editor: The election had not been decided when I went to bed Tuesday night, and when I awoke Wednesday morning, I thought I was having a very bad nightmare. Simply put, I cannot and will not accept Donald .

  • Little Lillie is 10 times better than her killer

    To the Editor: This letter is to the person who killed a little dog named Lillie at about 8 o’clock last Thursday night on Sharingbrook Drive. Let me tell you about Lillie. As a puppy she was terribly abused and .

  • Thanks for supporting VFW Buddy Poppy drive

    To the Editor: Thank you to the Manhattan community and our Oklahoma visitors who gave so generously last weekend to Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1786’s Buddy Poppy drive. Thanks to Dillons and Wal-Mart for allowing our 19 volunteers to hand .

  • Our system has seen worse than we have now

    To the Editor: As a martial arts teacher, I am asked, “How long does it take an average person to get a black belt?” The only honest answer is, “An average person does not get a black belt.” Most people .

  • We hope you join us in Veterans Day events

    To the Editor: “Home of the Free Because oftheBrave”:Thisisthetheme of this year’s celebration, and the Flint Hills Veterans Coalition invites each of you to join us as we pay tribute to those who have served and are currently .

  • Keep the MHS Indian; it’s a source of pride

    To the Editor: The idea of doing away with the Manhattan High School Indian symbol is a bad one. I was in the Manhattan Indian class of 1962, I was born in Manhattan and have always been proud to be from .

  • If we lose MHS Indian, let’s rename our city

    To the Editor: I sent this to members of the Manhattan Board of Education because I will not be able to attend the scheduled forum on Nov. 30 regarding the MHS Indian mascot. Seriously, even the Washington Redskins are taking a .

  • E-cigs are a solution, not another problem

    To the Editor: Manhattan city commissioners, I see where you’re coming from with this electronic cigarette ban; — I truly do. Cigarettes are dangerous to health; they harm others through second-hand smoke and are just disgusting. And I can understand .

  • Let us strive for peace in our world of violence

    To the Editor: We live immersed in three powerful myths: 1) that fear trumps love, 2) that might makes right and 3) that violence is somehow redemptive. Our Lord Jesus, the Christ, delivers us from these and other tragic misconceptions. For 500 years now, .


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