• County commissioners deserve the same pay

    To the Editor: I write this letter in self-defense. I need to stop the hemorrhaging where I have been biting my tongue to keep from weighing in on the Riley County Commission pay issue. So here we go. I sat .

  • MHS students’ views on mascot are pertinent

    To the Editor: I am a senior at Manhattan High School and also student body treasurer. Because of the debate at the school over retaining or retiring the mascot, the Student Council was asked to present students’ views at the .

  • Tradition of MHS pride doesn’t need this mascot

    To the Editor: As the holiday season approaches, many of us are reminded of the significance of tradition. Tradition helps center us in disorienting and strange times. Activities like sitting together and telling stories or decorating our homes are traditions .

  • Roundabouts too risky; go back to traffic lights

    To the Editor: On my way home from work one day this week, I was gong west on the inside lane of the roundabout at Bluemont Avenue and Fourth Street when someone in the outside lane cut right in front .

  • MHS is a fine school regardless of its mascot

    To the Editor: Wednesday night I attended what I called a forum on the issue of the Manhattan High School mascot. It was well done, informative and orderly. I commend the students and the parents who presented. They spoke well, .

  • A mascot isn’t the best way to honor Prentup

    To the Editor: What’s in a name? Quite a lot, actually. Even kindergartners learn to recognize names in order to honor the legacies of American icons. I should know —I was tasked with teaching them to recognize the names .

  • Support of K-State fans immensely appreciated

    To the Editor: My sincere thank-you and immense appreciation for the role you have played in providing me the opportunity to have been a part of these 200 victories. The true victory, however, is what so many of you have meant .

  • White House could resurrect darker past

    To the Editor: I have waited patiently to see a response from fellow Manhattanites regarding the recent remarks made by Steve Bannon on Nov. 18 to the Hollywood Reporter. Bannon stated, “Darkness is good. Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s .

  • Indian mascot fosters ‘stereotype threat’

    To the Editor: The fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) all currently have a notable problem when it comes to diversity. As a physicist and science education teacher, many of my colleagues study this problem, working to identify .

  • Changing mascot shows disrespect for Prentup

    To the Editor: In many areas of the United States, American Indians are a part of who we are as members of our communities. They are honored through the name our state, along with the names of counties, towns and .

  • Celebrate the man, remove the mascot

    To the Editor: As a newcomer to Manhattan who has spent the last year watching the high school mascot debate unfold, I find myself returning to one question: If the community is committed to honoring Frank Prentup, why not do .

  • Not all of Rodriguez’s constituents are upset

    To the Editor: County commissioner-elect Marvin Rodriguez has stated his ‘constituents are upset’ that he will receive less salary than the other commissioners.” I am one of Mr. Rodriguez’s constituents, and am not the least bit upset that he .


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