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  • Letters | January 25, 2015

    Turn Super Bowl Sunday into Souper Bowl Sunday

    To the Editor: Long after a (silly) football game, hunger will remain. Long after a day when most of us celebrate with food and drink and relaxation, hunger will remain. While we celebrate, party and eat, many hungry children will remain hungry — hunger we can

  • Letters | January 22, 2015

    Alabama’s innovative weapons stash might better be used to feed the hungry

    To the Editor: In what may be the forerunner of creative alternatives to guns, a thinking principal of an Alabama middle school has announced a plan for thwarting an intruder to classrooms. She has suggested that students bring cans of food to stockpile as weaponry

  • Letters | January 22, 2015

    Kindness of strangers is much appreciated

    To the Editor: I always knew that Manhattan was full of wonderful people, but I was given a personal example Sunday, Jan. 18. I fell in my yard and could not get up on my own. The next thing I knew, three ladies stopped and offered

  • Letters | January 19, 2015

    Riley County Commission ought to also ‘buy local’

    To the Editor: I was very disappointed to read in the Jan. 5 edition of the Manhattan Mercury that one of the first decisions of the year by our Riley County commissioners was to NOT “buy local.” I understand the dollars and cents element of the

  • Letters | January 16, 2015

    Brownback’s tax policies are hurting ordinary Kansans

    To the Editor: Thank you for publishing editorials and comments about the dire financial situation in Kansas. The complexities are intimidating to most ordinary citizens, but despite a lack of economics courses, I’d like to add my voice to make to make a few

  • Letters | January 13, 2015

    Beware of phony science in climate change debate

    To the Editor: Regarding the Jan 7 letter, “Actual science disproves claims of warming alarmists,” when you read a statement like that, you can be positive it’s not coming from a scientist or anyone who knows anything about the world of science. “Actual science” comes

  • Letters | January 11, 2015

    Help our family keep sister’s murderer in prison

    To the Editor: I am the sister of Pamela Williams Parker, who was murdered in the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce on Jan. 31, 1978, by Albert D. Williams. Mr. Williams robbed Mrs. Parker of all the money in her wallet ($50)  and forced her to sign over

  • Letters | January 09, 2015

    Gay marriage advocates support a double standard

    To the Editor: In case you have not heard, Christian pastors Donald and Evelyn Knapp, owners of the Hitching Post wedding chapel in Idaho, are in trouble for refusing to marry homosexual couples. City officials there are telling the Knapps to marry homosexual couples or

  • Letters | January 07, 2015

    Actual science disproves claims of warming alarmists

    To the Editor: I wanted to express some observations on the letters by Mr. Hayes and Mr. Warren, who responded to Mr. Kramer’s letter on corrupt climate science. It seems obvious to me that neither of the two actually read the online discussion forum,

  • Letters | January 05, 2015

    Grants support beating of ‘global warming drum’

    Grants support beating of ‘global warming drum’ To the Editor: This is in response to the two letters to the editor Sunday from global warming practitioners. First, Mr. Hayes points to the NOAA showing that nine of the last 10 hottest years have occurred since 2001. Yet

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