• The rush to debate successor to Scalia reflects poorly on us

    To the Editor: It’s astonishing to me that even before Justice Antonin Scalia’s body was cold, the media and the politicians began debating and posturing over his successor. What has become of our respect for the dead? How .

  • Local caucuses are a way to participate in the election

    To the Editor: It’s caucus time in Kansas! For this presidential year, the League of Women Voters urges Kansas citizens to participate in the election process.  Each voice is important, and each of us has a role in .

  • Many contributed to success of Troop 75 spaghetti dinner

    To the Editor: On Feb. 7, Boy Scout Troop 75 held a spaghetti dinner at the First United Methodist Church on Poyntz Avenue to raise funds to help our scouts pay for summer camps. Many thanks are in order. First, a big .

  • Governor, Legislature show disloyalty to Kansas citizens

    To the Editor: I’m prompted to make a public comment in response to Glen Nelson’s Feb. 14 letter, in which he questioned the fairness of the governor and Legislature in changing the 2015 tax code by prohibiting itemization of unreimbursed .

  • Legislature must restore medical expense deduction

    To the Editor: How can the Kansas governor and Legislature justify a change in the Kansas tax code that deletes medical expense from itemized deductions? This change results in a citizen with income that is completely used for medical care .

  • Bioresearch labs also can be of great benefit to people

    To the Editor: Biological research certainly has the potential to produce things that can be, and have been, used harmfully.  However, biological research has also produced solutions to many harmful things: the polio epidemic, rabies infection, new treatments for .

  • Community efforts made for a super Souper Bowl

    To the Editor: Since 1995, the Manhattan community has been supporting the Souper Bowl Food and Fund Drive over the Super Bowl weekend to benefit the Flint Hills Breadbasket’s programs. The 2016 drive would not have been possible without the countless .

  • McCulloh’s rental housing assessment isn’t fact-based

    To the Editor: I take issue with several of Mayor Karen McCulloh’s pronouncements during Tuesday’s discussion about inspection programs. No. 1 is her claim that there is a pressing need to find “unsafe places” by inspecting all rentals. This .

  • Genealogical searches shine light on ancestors, history

    To the Editor: I really enjoyed the Feb. 3 Mercury article on the “found note” at KSU Memorial Stadium! As a genealogist and volunteer at the Riley County Genealogical Society, I could not resist searching for the workers. On Ancestry.com, .

  • Biological research labs hold great capacity for harm

    To the Editor: Much has been said about “fear-mongering” as a campaign strategy to help candidates gain votes. As we understand it, this has been an effective tool in our past elections as well. It might be fun to apply .

  • Right-wing extremists are wrecking this state

    To the Editor: Is it just me, or is this state giving you the “willies” as well? I’ve lived in Kansas for more than three-quarters of a century except for three years in the military service.  All of .

  • Complaining isn’t a good way to get things done

    To the Editor: We often read reports of fatal auto crashes where traffic signs were present but had not been heeded by a driver. I have always had a special feeling for the 30-inch “Stop” signs, knowing their dramatic effectiveness. .


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