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  • Letters | May 07, 2015

    Heavy rain allows us to hold off on watering

    To the Editor: Hallelujah for Monday’s wonderful deluge of rain, from northeast Kansas to southwest Kansas. Now, since our sprinkler systems aren’t smart enough to detect moisture in the ground, I recommend that we act in absentia in that regard, shut off our

  • Letters | May 06, 2015

    Sometimes we’re unaware of what we do, say or think

    To the Editor: Last week I attended K-State’s rendition of Hart and Kaufman’s “You Can’t Take It With You.” I had previously read the play, seen it on video and saw KU’s version a decade back. The Depression-era story is a

  • Letters | May 06, 2015

    Quest for streets of dreams might result in nightmares

    To the Editor: I hope our city commissioners will keep the issues of street maintenance and quality of life separate and not include unrelated issues with either of them. Our commissioners would do well to listen to our director of public works, Mr. Rob Ott.

  • Letters | May 05, 2015

    Mercury wants to make jobs tougher for teachers

    To the Editor: This is in response to the April 30 editorial in the Mercury about morale in the Manhattan-Ogden School District. Someone had apparently decided that taking away coffee pots and micro-fridges from teachers would save $40,000 or some such amount.  The editorial agreed with

  • Letters | May 05, 2015

    Belligerence won’t help achieve Middle East peace

    To the Editor: A few actual foreign policy facts for your resident hate-columnist, Dale R. Herspring.  1. Iran has the RIGHT to peaceful nuclear development under the non-proliferation treaty signed years ago. It is a treaty that Israel refuses to sign. 2. Our twice-elected president actually

  • Letters | April 30, 2015

    Brownback, Republicans must undo fiscal disaster

    To the Editor: I write this letter with very mixed feeling as a conservative Republican, but it has to be said. The Republican leadership in Kansas had better get its act together in a hurry. The Brown-back-led elimination of income taxes from limited liability corporations

  • Letters | April 30, 2015

    Kansans would fare better with Democrats in charge

    This message is for Kansas voters. You made a mistake in November.  I am an Army veteran, and I have been blessed to move to your state because my wife is now serving in the Army.  The mistake I am talking about is

  • Letters | April 28, 2015

    Lawmakers ought to admit mistakes, change direction

    There is an elephant that has been wandering the halls of the Kansas Capitol for some time now. The elephant, while quite visible to some, has seemed to be invisible to the governor and many legislators. But it is becoming more and more impossible not

  • Letters | April 28, 2015

    Follow-up on prairie burning feature would be timely

    To the Editor: I read with interest your article titled “Anatomy of a Burn”  in Sunday’s local news section. I am looking forward to the follow-up article “Anatomy of a Sinus Infection.”

  • Letters | April 26, 2015

    Concealed carry cartoon reflects poorly on police

    To the Editor: The “Oz meets Mayberry” cartoon in Thursday’s Mercury is really out there! I am going to go out on a limb and say the artist is not a supporter of the concealed carry law. However, getting the entire community riled up

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