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  • Letters | April 11, 2015

    Volunteers make a huge difference in our community

    To the Editor: National Volunteer Week is April 12-18 and is designed to recognize all volunteers and celebrate the spirit of service in a community. The Flint Hills Volunteer Center serves as a clearinghouse for volunteerism and provides a strong network for organizations in the

  • Letters | April 11, 2015

    Legislators needn’t worry about encountering the poor

    To the Editor: With the passage of HB 2258, the Kansas Legislature has ramped up its war on poverty — or at least on the poor, in particular those who are the beneficiaries of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. Some doubt that such a law

  • Letters | April 11, 2015

    Engineer’s design for sign on bridge pier approved

    To the Editor: The City of Manhattan has accepted the engineer’s design required by the Kansas Department of Transportation for the K-177 east bridge pier project. The city has prepared a letter that will also be signed by Riley County officials requesting that KDOT

  • Letters | April 08, 2015

    Plane crash can increase understanding of depression

    To the Editor: With the tragic copilot-caused crash of the plane in the Alps that killed 150 people, the inquiry into what may have induced him to do something so drastic led to the discovery of anti-depressants in his home. Sadly, some cartoonists have depicted pilots

  • Letters | April 07, 2015

    City policy contributed to worker’s death in trench

    To the Editor: The death of Mr. Wiske should never have happened. I was confused on the initial reporting of the accident that Mr. Wiske was buried up to his waist and later passed away. Only last week did I find out that Mr. Wiske

  • Letters | April 06, 2015

    Don’t be confused about Manhattan firefighters’ pay

    To the Editor: This letter is to try and answer any questions or confusion that the public has when reading the published wage numbers in the Manhattan Mercury and Free Press. First, several members had leave payment added to their ending wages at retirement. This

  • Letters | April 06, 2015

    Personal attacks only drive a wedge into a community

    To the Editor: A recent letter criticized the Manhattan mayor for appointing “mean-spirited” “extremists” to the Social Services Board and directly accused me of being one of those “mean-spirited” “extremist” appointments. I have never visited with the author of that letter, so let me tell

  • Letters | April 04, 2015

    Candidate’s absence from forum is pertinent

    To the Editor: The patrons of USD 378 have the right to know what a candidate for school board believes. A sitting member candidate not showing up for a forum should speak volumes to voters.

  • Letters | April 04, 2015

    James, Ball and Butler will control city spending

    To the Editor: On Tuesday, we need to elect three city commissioners. Who is qualified for the job? I found out the basic job of the City Commission is to prioritize the spending of our tax dollars; pay down city debt; fund basic city services

  • Letters | April 04, 2015

    Ball, Butler and James are an ‘awesome trio’

    To the Editor: Wynn Butler is good for Manhattan. He seeks to get the best value out of our city assets so we can have more dollars for other priorities. For example, Butler is interested in the repurposing of city structures like the Community House.

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