• No reason to equivocate; men are responsible for rape

    To the Editor: I generally enjoy reading Helen Roser’s letters to the Mercury, and I must confess that the following line from her May 13 letter (“Adults must be responsible for their own behavior”) gave me a chuckle: “When a .

  • Easterners would find plenty to like about MHK

    To the Editor: I read the Mercury article about Manhattan officials flying to New York to “sell MHK.”  That was a good idea. However, one of the most direct ways to an Easterner’s heart is through his pocketbook. .

  • Features on small towns have been true joys to read

    To the Editor: I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed the stories about the small towns around us. I have lived in Manhattan for 66 years. I worked at the post office, so I was somewhat acquainted with .

  • Adults must be responsible for their own behavior

    To the Editor: Years ago, the high school guidance teacher was fired for teaching the most valuable class I ever took. One day some tearful students jumped up and announced that they were gong to tell their parents because what .

  • Obama was obligated to allow those abortions

    To the Editor: In response to the fact quoted in a letter to the letter by Mr. Surs about the 7 million-plus babies that were aborted under President Barack Obama’s watch, their mothers were just exercising their constitutional right to .

  • More abortions occurred under Reagan than Obama

    To the Editor, When writers engage in open tug-of-war letters, cherry-picking numbers is a bad habit. A good example of this was a recent letter from Woody Surs responding to Nolan Carlson. Mr. Surs attempted to show Democratic President Obama .

  • Don and Darrell Rosenow were ‘celebrated winners’

    To the Editor: The Mercury on Tuesday, May 3, carried a long obituary on Don Rosonow of Clay Center. Don deserved every column inch he received. He and his brother Darrell were quite a battery as a pitcher-catcher combination. To play .

  • It’s not too late to choose iris to buy at KSU Gardens

    To the Editor: The Flint Hills Iris Society would like to thank all the visitors who endured the rain showers and toured the iris collection at the K-State University Gardens on Mother’s Day. The iris were really putting on .

  • Help letter carriers Saturday collect food for area hungry

    To the Editor: On Saturday, May 14, Branch 1018 of the National Association of Letter Carriers will conduct our annual food drive. As we deliver our mail, we will collect food donations along our mail routes and bring them to the Flint .

  • Solve problems? Obama has only made them worse

    To the Editor: In Sunday’s letters to the editor, Nolan Carlson, purging his angst, accused “The Donald” as he calls Mr. Trump, of not being “specific or in-depth” in how to handle our country’s big problems. Yet this .

  • About the ‘last’ school day…

    To the Editor: Thanks to the board of education and the Mercury’s editorial writer for the nice thoughts but I have to point out that we cannot cancel the last day of school — we can only move it back; .

  • Refitting Peace Auditorium is a noble community goal

    To the Editor: Last fall’s multigenerational Veterans Day ceremony and many recent community entertainment events at Peace Memorial Auditorium are excellent reminders of the intent Manhattan and Riley County citizens had in 1946 to create a multi-purpose living memorial auditorium .


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