• Joe Downey was a classic example of a good person

    To the Editor: On April 1, Joe Downey of Manhattan passed away. Ruth Ann and I have met thousands of great K-Staters in Manhattan and the state through the years. I have known Joe Downey since the late 1980s. He is .

  • Mercury gave a ‘black eye’ to an honest, noble effort

    To the Editor: I was horrified to read some of the misinformation in Sunday’s article on the bond issue in the Riley County School District. I am very much in support of the bond issue, despite the fact that .

  • Riley County bond issue is well worth patrons’ support

    Riley County bond issue is well worth patrons’ support To the Editor: It is easy to be against the school bond proposed by the USD 378 Board of Education. By being against it, we don’t have to read anything, we .

  • Some perspective helpful on Prince’s contributions

    To the Editor: Sometimes our nation’s values get totally out of whack. One example: All of the media attention given to the musician Prince’s death. One comparison: Compare his contributions to society with those made daily by first-grade .

  • Funding bill is a detour from safe roads, bridges

    To the Editor: About six years ago our state leaders began pulling money from the transportation program to help with the state’s general fund. The T-Works program, supported by all 105 county commissions, allotted $1.5 billion for transportation preservation over a 10.

  • Legislature must rise up and stop Gov. Brownback

    To the Editor: “When bullies rise up, we must join together to beat them back.”  (“The Majestic”). If ever there was a time to beat back the bullies, it is now. It is time for the Kansas Legislature to .

  • Obama puts personal plans above presidential duties

    To the Editor: Tuned-in citizens know about the recent incident that preceded President Barack Obama’s decision to finish watching a baseball game in Cuba and to dance in Argentina while Americans like me thought that he should have immediately .

  • Despite excuses, governor’s policies have failed miserably

    To the Editor: Let’s play the Kansas Budget Blame Game. Last summer, Gov. Sam Brownback blamed the Legislature for not acting on the budget. Now the Republicans in the Legislature are awash in buyer’s remorse and are blaming .

  • There are good reasons not to integrate bathrooms

    To the Editor: Why, despite significant progress in their fight for equal rights, has the LGBT community become such “poor winners?” Why are they now insisting that anyone who objects to integrated bathrooms and locker rooms is a hateful bigot? .

  • Highland is among crowd who seek to ruin education

    To the Editor: I suppose I could be mistaken, but I’m afraid I am not. It appears that our state government, led in part by our own Rep. Ron Highland of Wamego, is out to destroy public education. The .

  • Volunteer firefighters very effective and considerate

    To the Editor: I would like to thank Patrick Collins, Riley County fire chief, for his letter of April 18. As a grateful recipient of the hard work of our rural firefighters, I’d like to briefly relate how I was .

  • Earth Day anniversary a time to rethink habits

    To the Editor: With the 47th annual observance of Earth Day approaching, this is a great time to explore more effective ways of slowing climate change and conserving Earth’s natural resources for future generations. A 2010 U.N. report charged .


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