• Australian Kaleidoscope a treat for Northview

    To the Editor: There is constantly discouraging information in the news and from the legislators regarding school funding, but at Northview Elementary School, we would like to share some very positive news. Thanks to generous contributions from the Northview PTA .

  • Moran right to support hearing for judicial nominee

    To the Editor: In response to the quote by Carrie Severino, chief counsel of the Judicial Crisis Network, denouncing Sen. Jerry Moran for suggesting that Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland be granted consideration by the Senate (Manhattan Mercury, March 27) — and .

  • Without inspections, some landlords will cut corners

    Without inspections, some landlords will cut corners To the Editor: In recent days, there have been three letters to the editor concerning rental properties and additional burdens being placed on Manhattan’s landlords.  First of all, I am going .

  • That ‘barn in Riley County’ is in Pottawatomie County

    To the Editor: Last Sunday’s edition of the Mercury had a very interesting picture of an old red barn head-lining the Flint Hills section. The article was about the current market situation of Kansas farmers. The old barn was .

  • Kansas government can be changed for the better

    To the Editor: The way Kansas votes in November will not make a big difference nationally, but we have an opportunity to change the loony bin in Topeka. We passed on a good chance to change things in the last .

  • Towing policy can resolve Fake Patty’s Day problems

    Towing policy can resolve Fake Patty’s Day problems To the Editor: The solution to the various Fake Patty’s Day-related problems discussed at this week’s law board meeting is simple. All you have to do is invite the .

  • Why do you think landlords object to rental inspections?

    To the Editor: It seems very curious to me that most of the recent letters knocking the proposed rental inspection ordinance seem to only come from landlords. Well, duh!  I would expect no less. However, I know there are .

  • Greatest Generation failed to teach children manners

    To the Editor: I am one of the so-called “Greatest Generation.” There are not a lot of us left around. We were given that name because of what we had endured, but too soon we came to realize the consequences .

  • Present rental inspection program serves city well

    To the Editor: Once again, we are looking at a rental inspection program. This time it is not as intrusive as in the past. Still, it tries to force itself upon a segment of housing where there is only a .

  • Present system offers renters all the help they need

    To the Editor: Recently the city commission took up the topic of rental inspection once again. This subject was backed by three complaints from college students who felt they had issues with their apartments. In all three cases the issues .

  • City should not reinstate a rental inspection program

    To the Editor: I am writing in regard to the Manhattan City Commission’s attempt to reinstate a rental inspection process. I want to make it clear that I am completely against this. I am aware that some of the .

  • Our tax dollars should not go to enable binge drinking

    To the Editor: I’m writing to extend Ms. O’Neill’s letter on March 9. I, too, was appalled to learn that $80,000 of our tax dollars were allocated to respond to Fake Patty’s Day events. Personally, I vote for .


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