• Fireworks noise, debris take a lot of getting used to

    To the Editor: Section 13-57 of Manhattan’s fireworks regulations states, “Discharge in street unlawful. It shall be unlawful for any person to discharge, ignite or fire any fireworks upon the public streets, alleys or avenues or in any park .

  • Huelskamp is a principled, hard-working conservative

    To the Editor: What has Rep. Tim Huelskamp done for you lately? He signed onto a letter with dozens of other members of Congress demanding answers from FBI Director James Comey about his shocking recommendation not to indict Hillary Clinton.  .

  • Say ‘Thanks’ to police and firefighters

    To the Editor: Dallas Police Chief David Brown: “We don’t feel a lot of support most days.” We often tell the military members we meet, “Thank you for your service and all you do.” But how often do we .

  • What’s gotten into our elected officials?

    To the Editor: So, Gov. Sam Brownback, the anti-Robin Hood, and his knights in the Kansas Legislature wish to render the Supreme Court impotent. And Riley County Commissioner Ron Wells joins in by advocating disregard for the U.S. Constitution .

  • Kaw Valley Special Rodeo focuses on fun, not winning

    To the Editor: The Kaw Valley Rodeo Association will be sponsoring the 23rd annual Kaw Valley Special Rodeo for children with special needs. We would like to extend the invitation to children ages 5 to 12 years old to sign up for .

  • Intellectually, emotionally, let’s not slam our doors shut

    Intellectually, emotionally, let’s not slam our doors shut To the Editor: Drowning in a sea of negative news that made me want to cry, I recently made a clumsy attempt to lighten the news with a report on my .

  • Mercury should support MATC request, not criticize it

    To the Editor: The Mercury editorial on July 10 went into unusual local history and an attempt at facetiousness to denigrate the Manhattan Area’s Technical College request to the City of Manhattan for $300,000 in economic development money. MATC has more .

  • Thanks for making Kiwanis pancake feed a big success

    To the Editor: Once again our Solar Kiwanis July 4 Pancake Feed was a huge success, thanks to the generous donations of local businesses and the attendance of more than 425 hungry local citizens. We would like to thank The Trust Company .

  • Garage sale a fundraiser for research into rare disease

    To the Editor: My family has a rare genetic disorder known as MECP2 Du-plication Syndrome. We are raising money for research and clinical trials on this syndrome.  Symptoms include mental retardation, epilepsy, limited or absent speech and develop-mental regression. .

  • Kind strangers helped make July 4 parade memorable

    To the Editor: I want to sincerely thank all the people who helped me after I fell on the pavement while walking to the parade on July 4 in Wamego. I do not have their names, but they know who they .

  • Boyd’s judgment flawed;  vote for Marvin Rodriguez

    To the Editor: Headline: Riley County commissioners, under political pressure in an election year, refuse the pay hike they gave themselves this year. Important side note: For the past three years, they voted themselves the same pay hikes that greatly .

  • It’s not ‘too early yet’ to eliminate Donald Trump

    To the Editor: The first line in Friday’s Mercury editorial was, “It’s too early yet to pick a presidential candidate…” I have to ask, what color is the sky in a world where it is too early to .


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