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  • Rodriguez will make sure to put county residents first

    To the Editor: Riley County Commissioner Bob Boyd proposes to sell your taxpayer-owned Riley County office building and then use your tax dollars to lease it back as an expense going forward. How does the commissioner explain who really benefits. .

  • We often know little about those we’re around daily

    To the Editor: Years ago I ran a black radio station in Omaha, Neb.  For two years I was the operations manager and a disc jockey.  When I left to come to Kansas State University, I was often .

  • Keep lawns green, healthy while minimizing water use

    To the Editor: Smart Irrigation Month is an Irrigation Association (IA) initiative designed to increase awareness of efficient outdoor water use practices. At the root of this initiative is education about water-saving products, practices and services. The Irrigation Association (www..

  • Socialism is easy to fault but we’re dependent on it

    To the Editor: Socialism! When Bernie Sanders announced his run for president, the media never mentioned his name without adding that he’s a socialist. I’m thinking that if we want a good firsthand look at socialism, just pop .

  • Protect America’s good cops and throw out the bad ones

    To the Editor: Murderous people in the cover of blue uniforms go unpunished and those who feel oppressed rise up in fury. In no way do I condone this violence, but I can understand it. Police abuse of power is .

  • Local blacks must endure undue scrutiny from RCPD

    To the Editor: In 2010, the Coalition for Equal Justice began a study on Riley County Police Department rates of marijuana arrests by race. Among its findings were that in 2010, blacks were 2.8 times more likely to be arrested by the RCPD .

  • On commission pay, Boyd’s silence speaks volumes

    To the Editor: Riley County Commissioner Ben Wilson proposed rolling back his salary. Commissioner Ron Wells pro-posed to freeze his. Commissioner Robert Boyd’s silence said it all. Elect Marvin Rodriguez in the 2nd District..

  • Thanks for making benefit garage sale a huge success

    To the Editor: Last weekend I had a garage sale at the First Presbyterian Church here in Manhattan. This was a benefit to raise money for MECP2 Duplication Syndrome treatment and research. The garage sale was a huge success.  We .

  • You can count on Rodriguez to control county spending

    To the Editor: On Aug. 2, we will be having a very urgent primary election. With municipal budgets, expenditures and salaries continuing to rise, it really seems to be leaving us all in a state of dissension and apathy. A government .

  • Event on the 1951 flood educational, enlightening

    To the Editor: A big thank-you goes to the speakers who recently shared information about the 1951 flood, which ravaged many parts of Kansas. Mary Knapp, assistant Kansas climatologist, showed charts of the heavy rain in May, June and July of .

  • Westar is trying to erect obstacles to clean energy

    To the Editor: What kind of shell game is Westar playing with its customers? Last Tuesday morning I received an online “buy-in survey” from the company about its Westar Wind energy program.  I was shocked by the amount of .

  • Solar Car Challenge entries to refuel here Wednesday

    To the Editor: Manhattan welcomes the Solar Car Challenge on Wednesday, July 20, for “Display Day.” Display Day has a multitude of meanings, as these high school students from across America will have their solar cars on public display in Blue .


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