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  • Goal to prevent temps from rising further

    To the Editor: I would like to add to Larry Erickson’s comments (Flooding is impacted by climate change, Dec. 16) by pointing out another deceptive element in Benjamin Zycher’s article (Trump’s thinking on climate change realistic, Dec. 12). Zycher .

  • It’s good that police got story straight on athlete

    To the Editor: It’s been released that the battery charges have been dropped against KU’s sophomore forward Carlton Bragg Jr. I must say, even if you’re a K-State fan you have to sympathize with him. This kid’.

  • Electors shouldn’t cast their vote for Trump

    To the Editor: I hope our presidential electors remember Tom Paine. For no less than in December 1776, these are the times that try men’s and women’s souls. The rigid party loyalist, and the angry idealist, will meekly take .

  • Economic answers seem so simple

    To the Editor: Well, it finally happened. Kansas voted smarter than the nation. No, not on the big one. No one expected that, but collectively we realized that we were headed in the wrong direction and did a little to .

  • Flooding is impacted by climate change

    To the Editor: I have read the editorial by Benjamin Zycher in the Dec. 12 Manhattan Mercury, your column on fake news, and the editorial from the New York Times on Trump’s lies in the Dec. 13 Mercury. Dr. Zycher’s .

  • Keeping mascot was the right choice

    To the Editor: Last Wednesday, the Manhattan-Ogden school board voted to keep the Manhattan High School Indian mascot during their meeting. The mascot change would not only cost the district money, but it would disrespect Frank Prentup,a former Manhattan .

  • Thanks to all who helped with latest blood drive

    To the Editor: We would like to express our deep appreciation to the Manhattan community for its ongoing support of Keep the Drive Alive, the seventh annual blood drive held Nov. 17-18 this year in memory of our son, Kevin .

  • K-State’s sexual assault program is not effective

    To the Editor: At the beginning of every fall semester, every K-State student is required to complete an alcohol and sexual assault awareness online workshop. As a senior, I have now taken four of these interactive and time-consuming online tutorials. .

  • Changing the mascot is the only proper move

    To the Editor: For those at the Manhattan Mercury, I’m sorry but your Sunday editorial has it all wrong. The idea that we have a rare opportunity regarding the Manhattan High School mascot is bunk. The opportunity to do .

  • School board handled MHS mascot issue well

    To the Editor: We should all appreciate the insightful, thorough and forward-thinking approach our school board is taking on the issue of the Manhattan High School mascot. The resolution, as the board has declared, must involve continued dialogue among key .

  • Late-night kindness is much appreciated

    To the Editor: Returning from Thanksgiving with my family and after dropping my son off at his residence, I noticed I had an extremely low tire, so I decided to stop at the air pump at Dillons store on Sarber .

  • School board passed the buck on the mascot

    To the Editor: I watched part of the Manhattan- Ogden Board of Education proceedings on Wednesday night, at least as much as I could stand. After all of the work done and time spent, as well as the numerous letters .


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