• Thanks again for supporting Manhattan Municipal Band

    To the Editor: On behalf of the 100-plus members of the 96th Manhattan Municipal Band, I thank you all for attending our concerts and supporting this tremendous Manhattan tradition. I know all of us on stage really enjoyed performing for .

  • People should speak up against transgender policy

    To the Editor: I appreciate and support the letter in the July 29 Mercury by Tim Gotchey titled “If you object to transgender policy for schools, speak up.” His letter was reassuring when it cited a publication from the American College .

  • Shanline’s contributions worth remembering

    To the Editor: Last week, we lost a person who was important in Manhattan over the past 50 years. Rix Shanline was a leading mental provider and a leader in theater. As a social worker, he was important in the development .

  • There’s more to gender than sex

    This is in response to the two points (neither of them “facts”) that Tim Gotchey cited in his letter to the editor July 29 regarding the new guidance on school accommodations for transgender students that will soon go into effect. In .

  • Such ignorance could lead to harm

    To the Editor: Mr. Gotchey’s letter to the editor in Friday’s paper is rife with errors. First, a person can indeed change his or her gender. Second, there is absolutely no correlation between the circum-stances of Ms. Dolezal .

  • Racial disparity in arrests is wrong and must stop

    To the Editor: Ordinarily I do not respond to anything people may say about a letter I have written. But this time I feel compelled to because the response of Myron Calhoun is typical of some whites today. It is .

  • Don’t be fooled by Boyd; elect Marvin Rodriguez

    To the Editor: When does Riley County Commissioner Robert Boyd want your vote? A) Public Building Commission projects; B)  Sale of the taxpayer-owned office building; C)  Salary hikes bundled with excessive travel options; D)  None of the .

  • Reject Marshall super PACs’ smears of Rep. Huelskamp

    To the Editor: We listened to and participated in a town hall meeting with Rep. Tim Huelskamp on July 28. Most of the questions for Rep. Huelskamp concerned the negative mailings sent out by super PACs representing Roger Marshall. Here are .

  • Elect Huelskamp to Congress and Rodriguez to Commission

    To the Editor: We have all seen positive and negative ads, supporting and attacking incumbents and new candidates. It is important that we are engaged voters, investigating both the good and bad of these ads, to get the whole story, .

  • Boyd has earned re-election to Riley County Commission

    To the Editor: With commanders-in-chief such as those named Bush (two of them) and Clinton and Obama, I learned to be politically neutral in my career in the military. On this occasion, I have to make an exception. This is .

  • If you object to transgender policy for schools, speak up

    To the Editor: A new government policy will take effect as our schools open soon. Students, regardless of their age, can demand that staff accommodate their gender choice in bathroom and pronoun use and overnight accommodation. In other words, if .

  • Many contributed to success of 2016 Riley County Fair

    To the Editor: On behalf of the Riley County Extension staff, thanks to all who helped make the Riley County Fair and Kaw Valley Rodeo a success this year. The Riley County Fair is always a good community gathering and .


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