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  • Mercury erred in running writer’s March 31 letter

    To the Editor: Mrs. Roser’s March 31 letter to the editor should not have been published. My concern is not that we be politically correct, but that we refuse to degrade our collective moral compass to cater to the lowest .

  • Volunteers, donors key to local KMOM’s success

    To the Editor: I would like to express my sincere appreciation to everyone that helped to make the Kansas Mission of Mercy (KMOM) a success. The local committee, with guidance from the Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation and the Kansas Dental .

  • Event provided dental care for poor families

    To the Editor: The Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation was created to provide funding and resources to improve oral health in Kansas. An annual project is the Kansas Mission of Mercy (KMOM), a free dental clinic. Since 2003, it has been held .

  • Everyone has a role in child development

    To the Editor: Did you know that Kids Count ranked Kansas 19th nationally for child well-being in 2016? Although Kansas has worked hard to make our state a place where children and families thrive, the work is far from over. April .

  • Young men should avoid certain young women

    To the Editor: There should be a defensive driving course for parents of college-age men. In view of the now popular assumption of parents of college- age women that teaching maturity is up to the college, young men need to .

  • Kansans should be wary of Medicare phone scams

    To The Editor: Never give out your Social Security number, Medicare number or bank account information if someone calls on the phone and says, “Medicare is issuing new cards and I must verify your information before the new card is .

  • MCS Grandparents Day a memorable occasion

    To the Editor: Manhattan Catholic Schools celebrated its 29th annual Grandparents Day on March 10. After such a positive event promoting strong families, we felt compelled to share with the community the impressive things happening at MCS. Our child attending Manhattan .

  • KSU engineering quality reflects Rathbone’s vision

    To the Editor: In a letter March 9, Donald Rathbone, former dean of Kansas State University’s College of Engineering, responded to an article on the growth of the University of Kansas’ engineering program. Dean Rathbone reported data regarding the phenomenal .

  • Hwang letter was not politically motivated

    To the Editor: Grace Hwang had been a friend of mine since junior high. She was the bravest, most energetic, positive and hardest-working person I have ever known, and I believe most of my classmates would enthusiastically attest to this. .

  • Trump lucky to have a local interpreter

    To the Editor: Many thanks to Milo Kelley for his explanation of Trumpspeak and our president’s ever-changing reality. I suppose to fans of TV stars, be they reality-TV stars or prime-time Hollywood personalities, what Mr. Kelley says makes perfect .

  • Estes has much to learn about health insurance

    To the Editor If Ron Estes really believes that before the Affordable Care Act became law, “most folks” had reasonable and affordable health insurance unless they chose not to have it, he is living in a fantasy world. The complexities .

  • Covering Trump will be a challenge for media

    To the Editor: Salena Zito, a writer for The Atlantic, was extremely insightful when she wrote about candidate Donald Trump that the press takes him literally but not seriously while his supporters take him seriously but not literally. For President .


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