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  • Letters | February 03, 2013

    K-State’s legacy has deep roots in Florida

    To the Editor: Sesquicentennial kudos to the Manhattan Mercury for the Jan. 20 reprint of the Miami Herald article, “restoring the work of landscaping pioneer Henry Nehrling,” which highlights the valuable work of David Fair-child, the famous plant explorer, for whom the Fairchild Tropical Gardens in

  • Letters | February 03, 2013

    Newspapers in Education helps students understand

    To the Editor: I would like to thank The Manhattan Mercury and all those who help fund the Newspapers in Education program.

  • Letters | February 03, 2013

    Thank Huelskamp for fight against ‘sinister’ interests

    To the Editor: When the “farmer from Fowler — Tim Huelskamp —entered the dimly lit Washing-ton, D.C. Beltway two years ago, sinister and powerful interest groups waited to pounce.

  • Letters | February 01, 2013

    Do we want to keep fighting or work together?

    To the Editor: In Art Loub’s Jan. 30 letter, he made a reasonable request: “... maybe an informed Democrat or liberal in the Manhattan area can enlighten us gun-toting, Bible thumping, women-hating semi-literate dinosaur conservatives as to just what five things Obama did accomplish…”

  • Letters | January 31, 2013

    Topeka schools story filled with anti-gun hypocrisy

    To the Editor: Last Sunday, the Mercury printed the article, “Topeka schools’ police force says it wants more fire power.” When describing the guns the police wanted or already owned, the article used the words “semi-automatic” seven times, but when describing the guns that “bad

  • Letters | January 31, 2013

    Loub’s rant ignores role of Bush tax cuts in U.S. debt

    To the Editor: Per usual when Art Loub is allowed to pontificate on the pages of the Mercury, it would take dozens of pages to rebut all the fallacious arguments and misleading numbers that he can cram into a few paragraphs. So please forgive me

  • Letters | January 31, 2013

    Residents’ generosity evident on Mitten Tree

    To the Editor: Once again the Manhattan community has overwhelmed us with their generosity in donating to our annual Mitten Tree project at Manhattan Public Library.

  • Letters | January 29, 2013

    Lawmakers DO represent our views on gun safety

    To the Editor: This is in reference to the letter to the editor in Sunday’s paper, “Congressmen do not reflect our views on gun safety.”

  • Letters | January 29, 2013

    Doug Muller deserves attention paper gave him

    To the Editor: Many thanks to the Mercury for the excellent article about Doug Muller, the agriculture instructor at Manhattan High School. This was well-deserved recognition.

  • Letters | January 29, 2013

    Reject legislative attempt to undermine public unions

    To the Editor: House Bill 2023 was recently approved by the House Committee on Commerce, Labor, and Economic Development. This means that the bill will now find its way onto the Kansas House floor. It seems the intent of HB 2023, according to Kansas Chamber of Commerce

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