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  • School board passed the buck on the mascot

    To the Editor: I watched part of the Manhattan- Ogden Board of Education proceedings on Wednesday night, at least as much as I could stand. After all of the work done and time spent, as well as the numerous letters .

  • Manhattan should be on right side of history

    To the Editor: I could spout statistics for days about the oppression of minorities, about white privilege in this country and about cultural appropriation and the misuse of other cultures’ icons for our own gain. So here is what I .

  • Mythology of mascot trivializes real people

    To the Editor: As I listened to the speakers last Wednesday night, the lack of knowledge about real indigenous people proved the disconnect among mascot supporters. The mythology of this mascot trivializes the tribal members who exist in reality not .

  • It isn’t the mascot that makes MHS great

    To the Editor: As a parent of children in USD 383 and a Kansan who is proud of our state’s strong public education, I enjoy giving my time and resources to our schools. Public education has a high mission: to .

  • Teach students to be culturally competent

    To the Editor: As a resident of Manhattan, I feel we’ve reached a point where we must seriously and conscientiously weigh the potential negative consequences on indigenous students of keeping the Manhattan High School mascot against the benefits of .

  • Ignorance evident in ‘POWWOW’ headline

    To the Editor: I attended the Nov. 30 school board forum on the Manhattan High School mascot. The meeting was productive, informative and an important opportunity for Manhattanites to learn more about the mascot as well as the diverse voices that .

  • Let’s correct our error, and retire MHS mascot

    To the Editor: Mascots should never, ever be ethnic groups, especially not marginalized ethnic groups. Mascots work best as fauna (tigers, sharks, hawks) or groups that represent chosen professions or ideologies (pioneers, cowboys, patriots). Currently our students, teachers, parents, supporters .

  • Board should reject politically correct move

    To the Editor: I am a 28-year, four-war veteran of the U.S. Army. I understand that the politically educated Dudley Do Rights are attempting to eliminate the Manhattan High School Indian logo. In the past we eliminated the Incas, .

  • Thanks, Coach Snyder, for setting the bar high

    To the Editor This is an open letter to Bill Snyder. On behalf of the Wildcat nation, thank you. In my line of work, we do something called root cause analysis. It’s how we get to the bottom of .

  • Mascot is a caricature, ‘inherently demeaning’

    To the Editor: Native Americans have been subjected to systematic physical and cultural genocide for hundreds of years. The use by non-Native Americans of the word “Indian,” along with an out-of-date caricature of a Native American as an athletic mascot, .

  • Nostalgia can’t offset decades of suffering

    To the Editor: On Nov. 30, I attended my first USD 383 school board meeting; board members heard presentations from citizens and students both for and against changing the MHS mascot. I’m a second-generation MHS graduate, Class of 2005, and based on .

  • Bullying won’t stop if mascot is changed

    To the Editor: My husband and I have lived in the Manhattan area for the past 42 years, both having graduated from schools in eastern Kansas. Our son graduated from Manhattan High School in 1992. Until the past decade or two, we .


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