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  • Can Indian mascot debate be waged more honorably?

    To the Editor: So, the community disagrees about whether the Indian mascot for Manhattan High School should be changed. This is unsurprising. But the anger of some of the responses (primarily from the anti-mascot-change perspective) printed in the Mercury recently .

  • On campus rape issue, KSU should be part of the solution

    To the Editor: A front-page Mercury article on Sunday, Aug. 28, carrying the headline “Campus claims,” was basically a legal discussion of campus rape and K-State’s own interpretation of Title IX “legal-speak.” The larger question is: How would you feel .

  • God help us if Trump is elected our president

    To the Editor: What in the world is going on with the current campaigning cycle? This is getting downright scary. I saw placards at a Trump rally that read: “Hang the B——.” Donald Trump has made veiled statements about the .

  • Record numbers tried latest ‘Just Tri It Triathlon’

    The fourth annual Manhattan Parks and Rec Just Tri It Triathlon on Aug. 13 involved a record 175 youth ages 5 to 14 and 60 adults. The goal of this not-for-profit swim-bike-run event in City Park is to promote healthy lifestyles and friendly competition among .

  • Not all Indians offended by high school’s mascot

    To the Editor: So who decided the proud American Indian was an offensive mascot? Apparently, schools across the country could be granted an exemption if they make an agreement with a federally recognized tribe, but will this stop the politically-correct .

  • Citizens should learn about LGBT changes

    To the Editor: The Manhattan City Commission’s unanimous decision on Aug. 16 to include sexual orientation and gender identity among the protected classes in our community’s nondiscrimination ordinance is indeed something to celebrate. Ensuring that people don’t have .

  • Indian mascot shows tenacity, courage, pride

    To the Editor: I wonder if we could delve a little into the history of the American Indian (the only Native Americans). All of the rest of us are immigrants. If it wasn’t for the Indians, the Pilgrims would .

  • City must do more to keep business climate healthy

    To the Editor: Hastings is going out of business, and over the next few weeks its Manhattan store will be picked clean as bored cashiers wait to lose their jobs. Does the city plan to fill the space after the .

  • Christians should reach out to those our society rejects

    To the Editor: Given the current political climate and a public discourse dominated by fear and anger, it is time for those of us who claim to follow Christ to be reminded again of our calling.  Back in February .

  • Rio Olympics filled with inspiration, achievement

    Rio Olympics filled with inspiration, achievement To the Editor: I have good news: The world in which we live is not broken! It may be “bent” in some places, but it is subject to being salvaged. Being retired, I have .

  • Public’s guidance would be helpful to commissioners

    To the Editor: I would like to thank the Riley County commissioners for considering further planning and public input before selling property containing the County Annex building, the Pawnee Mental Health Services facility, the Riley County EMS facility and the .

  • Southern Poverty Law Center a well respected organization

    To the Editor: Contrary to what Michael Dikeman asserts, there is no large majority of Americans who support his premise. And as for the Southern Poverty Law Center, it is one of the most respected civil rights organizations there is .


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