• Covering Trump will be a challenge for media

    To the Editor: Salena Zito, a writer for The Atlantic, was extremely insightful when she wrote about candidate Donald Trump that the press takes him literally but not seriously while his supporters take him seriously but not literally. For President .

  • Don’t let Westar control private solar systems

    To the Editor: Writing this, I’m thinking of a friend who lives on the edge of town. Going on 50 years, he’s dutifully paid for electricity sent to him on lines owned by a monopoly that has been guaranteed .

  • Thanks for supporting lawn-mowing clinic

    To the Editor: The annual youth lawnmowing clinic was held March 14 at Pottorf Hall in CiCo Park. This is a cooperative event put on by the KSU Riley County Extension and the Manhattan Breakfast Optimist Club. The clinic’s purpose .

  • Conservatives choose Gorsuch over Hwang

    To the Editor: I see the esteemed local conservatives have written in defense of Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. I am sure they did due diligence and thoroughly read the entire case that Grace .

  • Letter a tactic to hurt Gorsuch’s nomination

    To the Editor: I read with interest the letter from the family of Grace Hwang and the Mercury staff report March. 16. Aside from being a passionate letter of support for a family member who died last summer, the whole purpose .

  • K-State’s season ended with 69-48 loss to Stanford in second round of NCAA tournament Kindredwesemann1

    Smiles mixed in with tears for the Kansas State women’s basketball team on Monday night. The Wildcats (23-11) lost to Stanford, 69-48, in the second round of the NCAA tournament. This is the second straight year K-State has been .

  • Response of Kansans to request was amazing

    To the Editor: Several weeks ago I wrote to the people of Kansas asking for their help in researching this great state for my school report. I write now to thank you all for the amazing number of responses. I .

  • Learn about concussions’ causes, consequences

    To the Editor: It’s the moment every parent dreads while watching their kids play sports… the thud as the helmets clash, the thud when the heads bang on the soccer field, the thud when the ball connects with the .

  • Marshall’s comments about the poor troubling

    To the Editor: As family physicians, we were dismayed to read recent comments from Rep. Roger Marshall when he was asked about Medicaid expansion. He stated: “Just like Jesus said, ‘The poor will always be with us.’ ... There is a .

  • Gorsuch wasn’t heartless in Grace Hwang ruling

    To the Editor: I sympathize with the Hwang family. However, their article in Thursday’s Manhattan Mercury attacking Judge Neil Gorsuch, a Supreme Court nominee, does not give a full and fair representation of the situation regarding their family member .

  • Gorsuch failed our family

    Frank, David, Katherine Hwang And Jean Hwang Carrant Special to the San Francisco Chronicle When Judge Neil Gorsuch ruled against our family member battling cancer, Grace Hwang, almost three years ago, his decision was heartless. It removed the human element .

  • County commissioners overstepped their bounds

    To the Editor: Tuesday’s Mercury editorial made comments on the Riley County Commission debate on family planning funding. The emphasis on “planning” is the key to the debate, as this is not a debate about whether to kill a .


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