• Volunteer opportunities abound in Manhattan

    To the editor: National Volunteer Week is April 23-29 and is designed to recognize all volunteers and celebrate the spirit of service in a community. It’s about demonstrating that by working together, we have the fortitude to meet our .

  • It’s easy to tune out Herspring’s liberal critics

    To the Editor: I always love Dale Herspring’s perspective and applaud The Mercury for his column. It provides some balance, to say the least. I’m humored by his critics. To me, and I suspect to most Kansans, they .

  • Get involved in annual poetry recitation Sunday

    To the Editor: Yes, it’s happening again. Spring is arriving in colors soft and vibrant. New leaves are activating, and with them comes the 13th annual Enid Stover Memorial Poetry Recitation. It will be from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday .

  • United hurts itself when it mistreats customers

    To the Editor: The appeal of air travel when it began was that it was safe, fast and dependable. Delays were for reasons of safety, such as bad weather or engine repairs. Always, the customer was first. Apparently, United’s .

  • Mascot minority again trying to have its way

    To the Editor: It is so very obvious what is happening with this “Mascot Committee.” The Manhattan- Ogden Board of Education in September 2016 did not have the courage to make a decision on whether to retain the sporting and school .

  • This is not diplomacy; it’s idiocy

    To the Editor: Though I am happy for Mr. Dale Herspring that he gets to rant about our former president at least one more time, I think he’s forgotten a few things since his days as a diplomat. First .

  • Sunset Zoo terrific and getting better

    To the Editor: Manhattan’s Sunset Zoo is an AZA-approved zoo, which puts it at the top of the list of outstanding zoos on a national basis. Our zoo continues to update its facilities and to make visits for young .

  • It didn’t happen quite as Herspring remembers

    To the Editor: I had to laugh at Dale Herspring’s selective memory (April 16) about President Barack Obama’s inaction regarding Syria enabling Trump to act presidential. He castigated Obama for avoiding using our military (that’s a bad thing?), .

  • Special KSU note cards help fund scholarships

    To the Editor: In regard to the March 22 Manhattan Mercury article, “Picturesque: Travel and Leisure call KSU prettiest campus in state,” KSU Social Club (formerly the university women’s club) has a treat for readers. The club has developed a .

  • Focus should be on plight of Indians nations today

    To the Editor: How did the Indian and Manhattan High School become the object of controversy? There are many other schools throughout the United States with the same mascot or symbol. The preference of the majority of the Manhattan High .

  • Don’t privatize air traffic control

    Charles Reagan Contributing Writer On Monday, The Manhattan Mercury published an opinion piece from the Washington Post under the headline, “FAA modernization is essential.” The issue is the migration of the air traffic control system from a ground radar-based system .

  • Governer’s policies have made Kansans suffer

    To the Editor: What kind of person do we have as governor of this state? During his tenure, he has brought Kansas to its knees financially. For over five years now, business owners and farmers have paid no state income .


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