• Happy Thanksgiving

    It’s Thanksgiving Day, an occasion for honoring existing traditions and welcoming new ones. If you’re entertaining family and friends, we hope the guests you are counting on arrive safely. If loved ones are missing — perhaps in uniform overseas .

  • Local merchants have plenty to offer

    You probably don’t need to be reminded that today is not Small Business Saturday. This, after all, is Wednesday. Small Business Saturday comes this Saturday. In part to publicize Small Business Saturday but mostly to bring attention to local .

  • Kobach’s national ‘strategic plan’

    We’ve had our issues with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, particularly with regard to his extreme position on immigration and his contrived battle against voter fraud. They’ve done as much harm as good for Kansas. And while .

  • WHO sends a mixed message

    The Zika virus pretty much ceased being a threat in Kansas and other places that have experienced hard frosts, but the debate over the virus — and responses to it — goes on unabated. In fact that debate was renewed last week .

  • Let’s not start 2018 campaign yet

    No sooner does one election end than another begins. So it seems to be in Kansas, where before the lame ducks gather in Washington, one of the Kansas legislators who was re-elected acknowledged she is willing to consider running for .

  • College expenses add up quickly

    A 2.5-percent increase doesn’t add up to much when it’s on the cost of a cheeseburger or pizza. But on the cost of a home or a car — or on college room and board — the sting is more .

  • No, Clinton did not get cheated

    Misgivings about the presidency of Donald Trump are understandable. Tens of millions of Americans, as well as the leaders of our European allies, worry about the direction President-elect Trump will take the United States after he is sworn in. His .

  • K-State is in excellent hands

    The Kansas Board of Regents chose superbly Tuesday in naming Richard B. Myers as the next president of Kansas State University. If it was a surprise, it was almost certainly because Gen. Myers’ candidacy was something of a surprise. And .

  • Alt-right wrong for White House

    President-elect Donald Trump said the right things in his acceptance speech and was similarly gracious in his remarks about his meeting with President Barack Obama. On “60 minutes” Sunday night, he sounded surprised that his election had sparked a rash of .

  • Wary coalition fights ISIS

    The battle to retake Mosul received barely a mention in the last week of the presidential campaign and its immediate aftermath. It deserves more of America’s attention, especially since forces the United States is supporting also have begun isolating .

  • K-State correct on free speech

    We’d like to congratulate Kansas State University for taking exactly the right approach to handling matters of free speech on campus. By contrast, we are seriously concerned with what a new top official at the University of Missouri system .

  • From bad to much worse

    Initial optimism at the power shift in the Kansas Legislature from conservatives to a combination of Democrats and moderate Republicans was dampened Thursday when the revenue forecast blew a huge hole in the state budget. Yes, moderates will have more .


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