• Serious tax proposals welcome

    Where they end up is far from clear, but lawmakers in both houses of the Kansas Legislature appear to finally be confronting the state’s financial crisis. Confronting in this instance means looking beyond annual maneuvers that postpone or even .

  • U.S., Russia alike? Not quite

    Congressional Republicans are doing their best to get along with President Trump. They have defended some difficult-to-defend Cabinet nominees, are papering over some philosophical differences and even, for the most part, remained mum about the salvo of ugly and decidedly .

  • Require conviction for asset forfeiture

    Kansas House Judiciary Committee Chairman Blaine Finch last week referred to the Kansas Judicial Council a handful of bills dealing with the civil forfeiture of property of criminal suspects. He indicated that he doesn’t expect the panel to return .

  • Moran’s decision disappoints

    Sen. Jerry Moran is a likable guy. It’s too bad that being one of the crowd is so important to him. Last year, for a while at least, he demonstrated genuine political courage. He said Judge Merrick Garland, President .

  • Help assure victory in Souper Bowl

    We don’t know whether you’re hoping the Atlanta Falcons win their first Super Bowl this Sunday or Tom Brady and the New England Patriots leave the field with yet another championship. We’re hoping for a good game .

  • Trump’s Court choice impressive

    Candidate Donald Trump promised voters he’d nominate a conservative judge to the U.S. Supreme Court, and President Trump has delivered. His nomination of Neil Gorsuch, whom President George W. Bush appointed to the 10th U.S. Circuit Court .

  • Ban does more harm than good

    Are you safer this week knowing that no refugees from Sudan or Somalia or Iraq will legally enter the United States for at least 90 days? Probably not. No Americans have been killed by refugees from those countries in a domestic .

  • Russia going soft on domestic abuse

    It’d be nice to believe that domestic abuse of spouses or children didn’t occur in the United States. Unfortunately, it does, and within families and society as a whole, it’s a serious problem. But at least we .

  • A $15,000 bachelor’s degree?

    A $15,000 college degree isn’t quite the holy grail, but developing a college degree program for that sum in this day and age would be quite a feat. That’s the challenge that Gov. Sam Brownback in his State of .

  • Trump, Kobach and voter fraud

    The U.S. president and the Kansas secretary of state are quite a pair. They might be the only two people in the entire country who believe 3 million or more votes were cast fraudulently in the presidential election. It matters .

  • Trump is letting ‘Dreamers’ dream

    It’s easy to find fault with President Donald Trump, whether one considers his words or, more important, some of the executive orders he’s issued in his first week in office. But he deserves credit for something he hasn’.

  • Keystone pipeline worth building

    President Donald Trump made the right move — and made up for some time squandered by his predecessor — when he issued an executive order Tuesday reviving the Keystone XL Pipeline. The Keystone pipeline, an $8 billion project, will ensure the flow of .


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